Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Shopping sins!

How is it that I can't seem to go anywhere without inadvertently stumbling into a few shops and walking away with STUFF?!


The weekend just gone saw us in the beautiful city of Helsinki. I will do another post soon on what I got up to on my visit but right now it's a quickie as I'm looking after a sick piggy. I'm sidetracking, anyway... My other half suggested we nip to the shops for a quick visit so that he could buy himself a 'summer' jacket, and whilst walking down the high street, I gave quite an admiral speech about the fact that I wasn't going to shop because I am keen on saving and that I didn't really need anything anyway. 

Well, as you can imagine that lasted a whole of 5 minutes and I ended up walking away with this lovely necklace from a little shop called Glitter and the same Zara trousers from my earlier post , in pale pink! 

I'm beyond help! 

The offending items:




Is anyone else a sucker for shopping and how do you attempt to resist the urge?

Kirsty xx

Friday, 25 April 2014

A happy Friday OOTD...

I had to do a super quick post on today's OOTD as I'm in love with my new faux fur gilet from Topshop. It's perfect for combating the chills. It has a lovely, warm, pinkish colour to it that means it works well; matched with creams and whites. I'm wearing it with these amazing, cream, skinny trousers. They have almost a leathery feel to them, whilst still being soft and stretchy! Love, love, LOVE!

Faux fur gilet -Topshop
Salmon pink shirt - River Island
Cream trousers - Zara
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Sunnies - I cant remember!?
Bag - YSL

Happy Friday everyone!

Kirsty xx


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter weekend...

As promised, here is the low down on my relaxing Easter break.

The location: Padasjoki, Finland. Just under 2 hours drive north of Helsinki.

This sweet little cabin on the water is called, Villa Tyyrpuuri ja Paapuuri. Nestled amidst the trees, overlooking the stunning Lake Paijanne, this 3 bedroom holiday home is the perfect place to spend a lazy weekend.

Upon arrival we drove through a neighbouring caravan park, which I have to admit, had me a little worried. I had envisaged total peace and quiet, rather than being sandwiched between hoards of other holidaymakers; however, thankfully, we were placed across the water from them. A generous distance as we heard little to no noise coming from the place.

We pulled up on the driveway and were greeted by a helpful worker who showed us around and gave us useful bits of info such as how to operate the sauna and what we would need to make use of the rowing boat that comes with the house. The decor was modern but not too clinical and kept the 'log cabin' feel that we were hoping for. It had all the mod-cons and everything you would need for a comfortable stay.

Main living area


We arrived at the villa late afternoon and after a 2 hour drive we were ready to stuff our faces. We put the grill to good use and had burgers whilst admiring the view from the lower decking.

All set up for burgers!

Set away from the house, on the water's edge, there was a raised fire pit with wooden benches for sitting by a camp fire. My partner summoned his inner caveman and wasted no time in getting the thing lit. A few beers and toasted, i.e. burnt marshmallows topped off the evening!

The next morning we woke up feeling refreshed after a long lie in and headed out onto the upstairs balcony for breakfast in the sun. Boiled eggs and fruit were on the menu... Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out! All you could hear was the sound of ducks on the lake and the two of us munching our breakfast, bliss!

A fruity breakfast

We topped the morning off by indulging in a typically Finnish activity, a sauna! In hindsight we should have let the thing warm up for longer as it didn't reach the super high temps that we'd experienced in the public sauna; however it still had the desired effect. My partner went all out and followed his baking up with a splash in the icy water. A good effort. I however didn't quite have the nerve and only managed to dip my toes in the water before squealing like a big girl. 

A short walk down to the water to cool off

In the afternoon, we took the rowing boat out for a spin. Safe to say I was quite apprehensive about our combined boating skills and had visions of a P.S. I love you style scenario of being stranded on the water; however, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth sailing it was. Pardon the poor effort of a pun! It was fairly chilly out on the water and I was glad I'd wrapped up a bit. 

Scott looking like a pro!
The evening consisted of very much the same as the previous, with the added touch of a few glasses of sparkling wine daaaarling! All of the outdoor hard bench sitting had left our behinds feeling a bit tender so we curled up on the downstairs sofa before calling it a night.

The following morning we woke with bacon sarnies and a hotter sauna as we'd learnt from our previous morning's attempt, before hitting the road home. We took the scenic road back and tried hard to resist the urge of turning back and staying another night. 

I have to say, I have been struck down with the worst post-holiday blues. This weekend has been probably the most relaxing I have had in what feels like forever! It was exactly what the doctor ordered and I could have quite happily stayed there another week. This will be a place we definitely visit again!

 Until next time...

The details: Villa Tyyrpuuri ja Paapuuri has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 8 people. It is a self-catering accommodation which is fully-equipped for cooking etc. It boasts a flat screen tv and DVD player, not that you'd need them and has complimentary Wi-Fi.

Contact: +358442690480

Kirsty xx


Friday, 18 April 2014

Guess what...

I'm overly excited today; as tomorrow I'm heading north to spend my Easter in a lovely cabin by a lake! Cue dreamy thoughts of paddle boats, log fires and barbeques at sunset... bliss! All booked last night as a spur of the moment gesture by my lovely man! As of now, I'm off to pack my bikini and woolly jumpers as I'm slightly dubious of the ambitious forecast of sunny Finnish weather, but one can only hope! Post will follow with updates and plentiful pictorials!

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Kirsty xx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A bad case of bridezilla!

5 months and 1 day, or 21 weeks and 5 days since my other half popped the question, (Not that I'm counting!) I always imagined being engaged and what that would feel like; I suppose I hadn't really thought much about the practicalities of it. The uncomfortable feeling of a foreign object on my finger. Now, I'm not complaining as my ring is utterly perfect, the boy did good; but it took me quite a number of weeks to get used to it being there. Next is reliving the night in question; over... and over... and over... again! Yes, I'm sure many women relish in telling the world and her dog about how perfect the night was, yes, how utterly surprised and blown away you were. Spilling every last coveted detail to the masses. It's lovely that so many people delight in your happiness; but when you're telling your neighbour's, babysitter's best friend, the details for what seems like the 100th time, I began to wonder if it would make more sense writing it down and mailing it out to our nearest and dearest.

Now, don't get me wrong. Celebrating our engagement was one of the happiest times of my life. I felt like I was literally walking on air. The one thing I didn't account for was actually planning a wedding!

It started quite sweet and innocent. Feet up reading a bridal magazine, lusting after the gorgeous dresses and decor. Soon, one bridal mag turned into ten and I found myself tearing pages out left, right and centre to create my own 'wedding scrapbook.' I keep telling myself it's a keepsake, but to be quite honest, I just need one place to store the 5000 wedding ideas I have amassed. 

It's all fine and well having a wonderful wedding vision, the hard part is choosing your venue. My partner is Scottish and from very early on we decided that we wanted a typically Scottish wedding. We wanted somewhere that had the WOW factor but would work with our tastes and ideas for styling. I say our... Anyway, little did I know that when that beautiful ring was sliding on my finger, a month later I would have contacted 90% of the wedding venues within a 50 mile radius of Edinburgh, created a makeshift spreadsheet detailing seating capacities and facility fees. Every minute detail recorded, down to the length of time it took the wedding organisers to reply, (because this directly relates to how much interest they have in you and your wedding don't you know?) 

After what seems like forever of scouring the internet and sending dozens upon dozens of emails, flights back to the UK for viewings, we have finally found the one! Just walking in the place I instantly knew that this was where we were going to get married, and luckily, my partner felt the same way. So, time to relax now...right?

I thought that finding the right venue would be a huge weight off my shoulders and I could finally relax knowing that we had somewhere to be married. Those nightmares of standing outside the local registry office because we couldn't make our minds up where to wed, were long gone. So why now the panic? It's like I have been hit by the pressure train. Everyone will be judging me, my tastes and my efforts on this wedding. What if we don't order enough flowers and the place looks bare? What if it doesn't co-ordinate? What if...? I hit rock bottom when I had a nervous breakdown over a green carpet. 

My control freak, OCD tendencies have caused me to lose sight of what this day is all about, and under advice of my better half, I have banned myself from all things wedding related until further notice... or until I can start behaving like a sane, rational human being again. When it boils down to it, it's just a huge party and most of my family will be too drunk to even care. I think I will plough my efforts into ordering the drinks and give myself time to exercise those inner bridal demons. 

For anyone else who is planning a wedding, head to Wedding and Wedding Flowers for lots of useful planning tips and wedding inspiration. Good luck!

Kirsty xx

Friday, 11 April 2014


Now, I know I am not the bravest of people. Nor am I particularly good at dealing with anything remotely squeamish; however, I had thought that a trip to the vets wasn't too much to ask. 

I was wrong!

To cut a long story short, I had taken my guinea pig Ralph to the vets to be neutered, (Poor boy.) Anyway, on arriving to pick him up after his operation, the lovely lady thought it would be most pleasant to give me graphic details on his procedure, including any horrendous side-effects or problems that may arise during recovery. Cue the sweats and blurred vision. Next thing I'm on the bench with my head between my knees holding onto a cup of water for dear life. I am so thankful that the place was empty apart from an amused veterinarian and nurse. Absolutely mortified! I just about managed to pay and exit the place before dying of sheer embarrassment. 

The worst thing is, I have an appointment today at the same place. I am praying that I can regain some sort of composure, (and dignity) and manage to get through my pig having a simple injection without face-planting the shop floor. 

Give me strength!


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Blogging on the brain...

I have barely been blogging a week and already I've got to thinking about the art of writing a blog. It's kind of like talking to yourself, except no one thinks you're crazy and it's totally accepted by society.

I suppose I'm more of a, 'thinking out loud' kind of person than a full blown, 'I talk to myself' individual, but nevertheless, my other half is often left asking what the hell I am wittering on about.

 As I was saying, I've become somewhat obsessed with the world of blogging and am beginning to view situations and events as great post opportunities. (Sad, I know) "Is it just me?" I am left wondering, or do we all succumb to the temptations of owning and operating a successful blog, where people enjoy reading what you have to say and look to your page for some light reading and entertainment? Well, maybe I'm not so desperate to notch up thousands of followers, but it would be nice to know that someone appreciates what I have to offer.

Now, this is the part where it gets really embarrassing. I've always been a lists kind of girl, (I feel it keeps me somewhat organised!) My latest hobby is saving little post ideas, neatly listed in the notes section of my phone. Handy, so I can update and add to them whenever a tasty thought morsel pops into my head. Space has been cleared in my photo gallery so I have sufficient memory for all the new and interesting things I am just discovering, and snap-shotting like a crazy person. I fear I may have fallen too far down the rabbit hole and sold my soul to the blogging devil; however I am completely happy with that. My new found time consumer has opened my eyes to some great stuff floating about out there in the big, wide web and also sparked an enthusiasm in me to talk about the things that I love and share them with other like-minded people.

So what about the less tech-savvy of us out there? I, for one, am still getting to grips with this aspect of blog maintenance and have come to admire some of the superbly put-together pages out there with a touch of envy. After a fair bit of tweaking, I came to settle on a design I felt comfortable and pleased with, but it's a far cry from what else is on offer! Maybe I will pluck up the courage to be a bit more adventurous in time, but for now I'm happy with my modest display.

In my introductory post, I spoke about the fact that I was unsure what I would write about in my blog, and I suppose I'm still non the wiser. I guess it's just a collection of unrelated nonsense by someone who has far more time on their hands than they should, but hey, it's all in good fun. As for my rule of posting once a week... I guess rules are made to be broken! I've well and truely been bitten by the blogging bug and this infectious part of my routine is definitely here to stay.

Kirsty xx

Making a statement!

Like many women, I am a HUGE fan of the statement necklace! Used well, they can add an instant lift to a basic outfit. These days the market is full of eye-catching arrangements and I have lined up a few of my favourites for you to check out:

Kate Spade  - Selfridges

Tatty Devine - ASOS

River Island

Ted Baker - ASOS



This Spring, there is no excuse to not stand out from the crowd in these gorgeous accessories. I'll certainly be sporting mine!

Kirsty xx


Wednesday, 2 April 2014


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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A tale of two pigs...

As promised, here is the story of my beloved guinea pigs; Hamish and our newest addition Ralph. As most things tend to be in life, it has been far from smooth sailing!

Cast your minds back almost a year to this day. What were you doing? 


I was daydreaming about guinea pigs. I had been living in Qatar for several months and; although I'd found myself a man, I was still longing to hear the little squeak of a piggy around the place. After several long discussions and trips to the local souq, (Arabic markets) we eventually stumbled upon what we had been looking for. 

Meet Hamish

Now, it has to be said that buying pets in Qatar is not for the fainthearted. With, what appears to be a lack of knowledge or regard for the proper care and treatment of animals, places like the pet souq are overrun with tradesman trying to sell sickly, malnourished and mistreated pets. Even in the evening, temperatures in the city of Doha can reach upwards of 30 degrees Celsius and these poor creatures are left, often without water or a cool place to rest their head. That being said, I was determined to give a pet a good home where I knew they would be well looked after and spoilt. Understandably, many people advise not to buy animals from the pet souq as it encourages traders and feeds the industry, but anyone who has stepped foot in the pet souq knows that it isn't going anywhere any time soon unless the government steps in, and that in giving one animal a good home, I was making a difference, albeit a very small one. 

Moving on from the ethical side of things, when I saw little Hamish I was sold. I gave Scott my best 'puppy dog' eyes and the rest is history. At no bigger than the palm of my hand, this ball of fluff was far too young to not be with it's mother and impossibly thin. I took him home, cleaned him up and made it my mission to spoil this piggy to within an inch of its life! 

As Hamish grew, he developed a number of issues, including minor chest and ear infections which I put down to the poor environment that he had come from and the fact that he was very young. He was taken to the vets and prescribed all the necessary medicines to make him better. Whilst there I had asked the vet to confirm that Hamish was indeed a male piggy and he happily confirmed that was the case; although he was very underdeveloped due to his small size. (But hey, who says size matters?)

As the months passed and we made the decision to leave Qatar, Scott and I set about researching how we could take Hamish with us as I had made it absolutely clear that if the pig stays, so do I! My partner knows better than to challenge me on certain things, and secretly there was no way he would have left him either. 

We found a great pet relocating team in Qatar and a helpful woman called Janet made all the arrangements for us regarding Hamish's travels. We spent a small fortune bringing our pig with us to Finland but I absolutely do not regret it or resent it in the slightest. As I've told many a person who calls me crazy for doing so, you can't put a price on love and Hamish is certainly a very loved pig!

All set to go!
Having owned guinea pigs before and reading up on piggy care, I knew that these small creatures enjoy the company of other piggies and that; although Hamish gets handled every day, he would be better having a little cage mate to play with. Again I hauled out the sweet smile and pleading eyes and reasoned with my better half that purchasing another guinea pig was absolutely the right thing to do. 

Now, it's probably quite dangerous that I live a stone's throw from a pet shop and after popping in a few times, 'just to look' we ended up with baby Ralph. 

At four months old, and with his crazy hair, he was the perfect friend for a lonely pig. Introductions were done carefully and although I had read that introducing two male pigs can be tricky, they seemed to get along great! Ralph was very shy at first and spent the whole of his first day hidden away inside a tube. Hamish, being the curious and carefree pig, was hugely intrigued by Ralph and enjoyed licking his ears whenever he could get close enough.

So far, so good. All seemed to be going well and both pets and their owners appeared to be at peace. That was, until Ralph started making a non-stop rumbling noise whenever he was within a whiskers-length of Hamish and Hamish was getting very tetchy about Ralph being near his back end. So much so that he developed the not-so-pleasant habit of firing wee in Ralph's face whenever he got too close for comfort. Was this the usual, dominance display and sorting of the ranks behaviour or was there something more to this new turn of events? I took to Google and after a while I noticed that, alongside the reassurances that guinea pigs display all sorts or weird and wonderful dominance practices, there often cropped up the niggling question that strikes fear amongst unsuspecting pet owners; 'Are you sure that both animals are of the same sex?' There it was, the question I could no longer ignore after reading it, for what seemed like, the hundredth time. Gingerly, I picked up little Ralph, and with no amount of uncertainty, accepted that he was most definitely male. He had the essential items, and quite impressive ones to say the least for such a young pig. Next, it was Hamish's turn. Being a long-haired lovely, it took some sweeping back of hair to find the right spot. There it was... 


Well, I say nothing, but what I really mean is a small, neat little arrangement, absolutely nothing like Ralph's. I felt sick. Cue me scrambling for my phone and calling Scott to inform him that our little boy was most definitely a girl and that it was quite possible that in the five, long, unsupervised days that Hamish and Ralph had spent together, Ralph had violated her. In a bid to banish such thoughts from my mind, I set about frantically Googling 'sexing a guinea pig' to the point where I feared that if anyone were to get a hold of my phone, that they would think I was some sort of unsavoury character. The more I looked, the more sure I was sure that we had, in fact ended up with two, opposite-sex piggies on our hands. 

With Hamish and Ralph firmly separated into their own respective cages, we decided to take Hamish once again to be sexed by a, 'professional' who indeed, confirmed to us that Hamish was in fact, a very beautiful, female guinea pig. This was most distressing to Scott, who at first absolutely refused to accept the news and continued to refer to her as a he. (Poor thing!) I think he has come around to the idea now and seems to be fairly relaxed about it; although he has insisted that she remains to be called Hamish, (Which I agreed to as I don't think a new name would stick and as silly as it sounds, she knows and responds to her name!)

So what about Ralph? Well, we considered taking him back to the pet shop briefly, but we both decided that as they had settled and were getting on so well together, that neither of us wanted that. On the advice of the vet, we have booked Ralph in to be neutered so that both pigs can live together happily without the risk of becoming overrun with babies! (Not that I would mind so much, but quite frankly, I'm sure Scott would leave me.) So now we're just playing a waiting game. With Ralph not being booked in until next week, the pigs are currently still residing in separate living quarters, meeting up occasionally for cuddles on the couch. 

What continues to strike me is that Hamish was checked by a supposed, 'professional' in Qatar and also by a government approved vet in Qatar as part of his/her medical check for exportation. All of her paperwork states that she is male and I'm just thankful that we weren't pulled up for travelling with a female guinea pig when our papers stated that we should have been with a little boy! Anyway, all is not lost. This tale has provided ourselves with, not only a few grey hairs, but a few laughs too. 

The joys of being a pet owner!

For anyone that is interested; here is a link to a useful website I used in helping determine the sex of my guinea pigs: Click here

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