Thursday, 3 April 2014

Blogging on the brain...

I have barely been blogging a week and already I've got to thinking about the art of writing a blog. It's kind of like talking to yourself, except no one thinks you're crazy and it's totally accepted by society.

I suppose I'm more of a, 'thinking out loud' kind of person than a full blown, 'I talk to myself' individual, but nevertheless, my other half is often left asking what the hell I am wittering on about.

 As I was saying, I've become somewhat obsessed with the world of blogging and am beginning to view situations and events as great post opportunities. (Sad, I know) "Is it just me?" I am left wondering, or do we all succumb to the temptations of owning and operating a successful blog, where people enjoy reading what you have to say and look to your page for some light reading and entertainment? Well, maybe I'm not so desperate to notch up thousands of followers, but it would be nice to know that someone appreciates what I have to offer.

Now, this is the part where it gets really embarrassing. I've always been a lists kind of girl, (I feel it keeps me somewhat organised!) My latest hobby is saving little post ideas, neatly listed in the notes section of my phone. Handy, so I can update and add to them whenever a tasty thought morsel pops into my head. Space has been cleared in my photo gallery so I have sufficient memory for all the new and interesting things I am just discovering, and snap-shotting like a crazy person. I fear I may have fallen too far down the rabbit hole and sold my soul to the blogging devil; however I am completely happy with that. My new found time consumer has opened my eyes to some great stuff floating about out there in the big, wide web and also sparked an enthusiasm in me to talk about the things that I love and share them with other like-minded people.

So what about the less tech-savvy of us out there? I, for one, am still getting to grips with this aspect of blog maintenance and have come to admire some of the superbly put-together pages out there with a touch of envy. After a fair bit of tweaking, I came to settle on a design I felt comfortable and pleased with, but it's a far cry from what else is on offer! Maybe I will pluck up the courage to be a bit more adventurous in time, but for now I'm happy with my modest display.

In my introductory post, I spoke about the fact that I was unsure what I would write about in my blog, and I suppose I'm still non the wiser. I guess it's just a collection of unrelated nonsense by someone who has far more time on their hands than they should, but hey, it's all in good fun. As for my rule of posting once a week... I guess rules are made to be broken! I've well and truely been bitten by the blogging bug and this infectious part of my routine is definitely here to stay.

Kirsty xx

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