Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter weekend...

As promised, here is the low down on my relaxing Easter break.

The location: Padasjoki, Finland. Just under 2 hours drive north of Helsinki.

This sweet little cabin on the water is called, Villa Tyyrpuuri ja Paapuuri. Nestled amidst the trees, overlooking the stunning Lake Paijanne, this 3 bedroom holiday home is the perfect place to spend a lazy weekend.

Upon arrival we drove through a neighbouring caravan park, which I have to admit, had me a little worried. I had envisaged total peace and quiet, rather than being sandwiched between hoards of other holidaymakers; however, thankfully, we were placed across the water from them. A generous distance as we heard little to no noise coming from the place.

We pulled up on the driveway and were greeted by a helpful worker who showed us around and gave us useful bits of info such as how to operate the sauna and what we would need to make use of the rowing boat that comes with the house. The decor was modern but not too clinical and kept the 'log cabin' feel that we were hoping for. It had all the mod-cons and everything you would need for a comfortable stay.

Main living area


We arrived at the villa late afternoon and after a 2 hour drive we were ready to stuff our faces. We put the grill to good use and had burgers whilst admiring the view from the lower decking.

All set up for burgers!

Set away from the house, on the water's edge, there was a raised fire pit with wooden benches for sitting by a camp fire. My partner summoned his inner caveman and wasted no time in getting the thing lit. A few beers and toasted, i.e. burnt marshmallows topped off the evening!

The next morning we woke up feeling refreshed after a long lie in and headed out onto the upstairs balcony for breakfast in the sun. Boiled eggs and fruit were on the menu... Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out! All you could hear was the sound of ducks on the lake and the two of us munching our breakfast, bliss!

A fruity breakfast

We topped the morning off by indulging in a typically Finnish activity, a sauna! In hindsight we should have let the thing warm up for longer as it didn't reach the super high temps that we'd experienced in the public sauna; however it still had the desired effect. My partner went all out and followed his baking up with a splash in the icy water. A good effort. I however didn't quite have the nerve and only managed to dip my toes in the water before squealing like a big girl. 

A short walk down to the water to cool off

In the afternoon, we took the rowing boat out for a spin. Safe to say I was quite apprehensive about our combined boating skills and had visions of a P.S. I love you style scenario of being stranded on the water; however, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth sailing it was. Pardon the poor effort of a pun! It was fairly chilly out on the water and I was glad I'd wrapped up a bit. 

Scott looking like a pro!
The evening consisted of very much the same as the previous, with the added touch of a few glasses of sparkling wine daaaarling! All of the outdoor hard bench sitting had left our behinds feeling a bit tender so we curled up on the downstairs sofa before calling it a night.

The following morning we woke with bacon sarnies and a hotter sauna as we'd learnt from our previous morning's attempt, before hitting the road home. We took the scenic road back and tried hard to resist the urge of turning back and staying another night. 

I have to say, I have been struck down with the worst post-holiday blues. This weekend has been probably the most relaxing I have had in what feels like forever! It was exactly what the doctor ordered and I could have quite happily stayed there another week. This will be a place we definitely visit again!

 Until next time...

The details: Villa Tyyrpuuri ja Paapuuri has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 8 people. It is a self-catering accommodation which is fully-equipped for cooking etc. It boasts a flat screen tv and DVD player, not that you'd need them and has complimentary Wi-Fi.

Contact: +358442690480

Kirsty xx


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