Friday, 11 April 2014


Now, I know I am not the bravest of people. Nor am I particularly good at dealing with anything remotely squeamish; however, I had thought that a trip to the vets wasn't too much to ask. 

I was wrong!

To cut a long story short, I had taken my guinea pig Ralph to the vets to be neutered, (Poor boy.) Anyway, on arriving to pick him up after his operation, the lovely lady thought it would be most pleasant to give me graphic details on his procedure, including any horrendous side-effects or problems that may arise during recovery. Cue the sweats and blurred vision. Next thing I'm on the bench with my head between my knees holding onto a cup of water for dear life. I am so thankful that the place was empty apart from an amused veterinarian and nurse. Absolutely mortified! I just about managed to pay and exit the place before dying of sheer embarrassment. 

The worst thing is, I have an appointment today at the same place. I am praying that I can regain some sort of composure, (and dignity) and manage to get through my pig having a simple injection without face-planting the shop floor. 

Give me strength!


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