Saturday, 3 May 2014

A lover of all things cocktail!

I have been meaning to write this post for a week. Clearly I'm slacking with my blogging! Now, before anyone goes thinking I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, I must say my 7 day a week binge drinking habits were signed off neatly with the completion of my time at university; however I am a sucker for a fancy cocktail! (I mean, who isn't!?)

As the weekend drew closer, my partner and I decided we'd take a trip to Helsinki and as we had a thirst for some top notch beverages, we scoured the web for a well-recommended place. As it happens, we stumbled upon A21 cocktail lounge located not too far from our hotel. Cue eyes lighting up with excitement at the prospect of tasting some yummy cocktails! We called to book a table as we planned on going along on a Saturday evening and I'm glad we did as almost every seat was taken.

Our taxi dropped us off around the corner at the restaurant and after a few minutes scratching our heads as to where to go, we noticed a little sign informing us that the bar was just around the corner. 1-0 to the taxi driver!

From the outside, the bar was fairly inconspicuous and we could have easily walked past it without giving it a second glance but once we had rang the door bell, been greeted at the door and shown to our seats, we were pleasantly surprised. It was busy but not the bad kind of busy and the music was such that you could hold a conversation without having to crack your grandma's hearing aid out.

One thing that really took me aback was the sheer number of cocktails on the menu! Now, I'm a girl that likes options, but there were easily 40 different drinks to choose from, if not many more. 3 pages in and still non the wiser I asked the waitress to recommend me a vodka based cocktail. What I ended up with was quite probably the best cocktail I have ever tasted! It was a concoction of basil, rhubarb and honey. A drink that I would never have ordered in a million years, but was exactly what I wanted! Scott wasn't quite so ambitious and stuck to a Long Island ice tea which, in his typically male enthusiasm was, 'decent.'

We sampled a number of drinks from the menu including a passion fruit martini, a fruity strawberry and champagne shot and a fizzy tall drink that was apparently a speciality, but we ordered it because we spotted the people at the next table drinking it and had to try it. They were all very different and all extremely delicious!

Here's the awkward part where we talk money. It's not the cheapest place we've been and you pay on average around 15-20 Euros per cocktail; however in my opinion, it is totally worth it! I can't wait to go back and try more of what they have to offer. I must also mention that the staff were very friendly and chatty and seemed to genuinely know what they were talking about when we asked about the different drinks. Impressive, considering the vast amount of drinks on offer.

As it stands, A21 is now my favourite place in Helsinki and I'm counting down the days until I go again! (Yes, I still don't have a drinking problem!) My one regret is that I didn't take more pictures as I was enjoying myself far too much but head over to their website to check it out! A21 Cocktail Lounge

What's your favourite cocktail?

Kirsty xx


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