Friday, 16 May 2014

AQ/AQ - Label lust!

It wasn't until recently that I stumbled across fashion label, AQ/AQ on Instagram and I was immediately drawn to the clean lines and interesting cuts of their latest range. I'm sure they have probably been around forever; but I felt slightly disappointed that I hadn't come across them sooner! They don't have a huge selection, which I kind of like and they tend to focus on more evening/dressy wear than anything else. With most of their collection, they offer different colour choices, which means you can pick a shade to suit your needs. They are a little pricey, with dresses averaging £150; however I think they're perfect for an occasion that requires something a bit more special. Check out a sample of what they offer:

Skater mini-dress
Loose-fit maxi dress

Deep-v jumpsuit

Overlay mini-dress

Deep-v mini-dress

Wide-leg trousers

This is just a snippet of the range here. To see more head over to the AQ/AQ website

Happy Friday!

Kirsty xx


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