Thursday, 8 May 2014

I'm scared of my apartment!

I'm aware of how ridiculous the above statement is, and I'm sure you're thinking 'who is this crackpot?' but that doesn't mean that it is any less true! Let's go back to when this irrational fear first took a grip of me. 

February 2014. I moved to Finland. After spending what seemed like an eternity in the seven hells of the Sokos hotel, my boyf and I moved into a comfortable, little  apartment. Granted, it wasn't the most inspiring of places. The stairwell smelt of stale feet and the bedroom door wouldn't shut, but it was a company-paid home that kept the snow off our backs and a roof over our heads. 

Along with the apartment, we had our own storage area which was down in the basement of the building. Now, I kid you not... That basement is by far the creepiest place I have ever had the misfortune of stepping foot in! It's like a scene straight from a horror movie! Picture a long, dark corridor with buzzing lights flickering overhead and you won't be far off. The minute I had been down there, I began filling my head with The Ring/Grudge type images of some psycho ghost child and literally became a quivering wreck. That night, whilst in bed and staring through the crack of my bedroom door, I worked myself up into such a state that I had to wake up my slightly confused and slightly miffed other half to get him to do a once over of our apartment, before eventually drifting off to sleep with the apartment lit up more than a town centre at Christmas! 

This actually lasted for about a week before I reached the point where I had to either get over my silly fear or face asking to be moved to a new apartment and having to admit to sane people that I'm a twenty-something girl who is afraid of a basement. As you can probably guess I managed to get over it, but not without a phonecall to the Mother first to settle my nerves.

Skip forward a few weeks and another incident. Now, I must point out I'm a bit of a stickler for things; i.e. cupboards, drawers etc. to be shut. I can't stand sitting in a room where a drawer isn't fully closed. I'm aware I'm painting an incriminating portrait of my mental health here but hear me out. One night I was drifting off to sleep when my boyf started talking quite loudly in his sleep. I can imagine you trembling in fear at the very prospect... But seriously, I about jumped out of my skin and like any wimp, the first thing I did was put the light on, (because bad things don't get you in the light; right?) Anyway, there it was... My wardrobe door was open! Shock horror! Not fully open, but a tiny bit, just enough to bother me. Cue me swearing to the contents of my room and again, a bewildered boyf, that there was absolutely NO WAY I had left that door open. (I probably did though!) After dreaming up a hundred different scary scenarios and a few dramatic tears I enforced a full cupboard check before lying awake all night with the bedroom lights on trying to think about fluffy things and butterflies.

The final straw came a few nights ago whilst again, lying in bed. Since moving in we've been sleeping with the window open because our apartment is crazily cold during the day and ridiculously warm at night! So, I was lying there staring up into the darkness.. A flutter then BAM! A great, big bug hit me square on in the face! I must point out that we're not to my knowledge living in Australia with their creepy crawlies or a jungle or anywhere even remotely like that for that matter! We're in Finland and I didn't sign up for this kind of torment when agreeing to move here! After a failed attempt at finding the culprit and a moment of screaming the place down when something tickled my arm, I dragged bedding, boyf and what little I had left of my sanity to sleep on the insect-free couch. 

Sure, it's probably just coincidences and unfortunate goings on but I swear I am on edge thinking what this apartment is going to throw at me next! Not, 'I'm going to sleep with a knife under my pillow' on edge, but close! I miss my old apartment in Qatar. We had a mutual understanding of one another and I never once had a wobbly moment wrapped in its four walls. Maybe that's my subconscious trying to tell me that I was happier there or some crap like that or maybe I'm just a little bit pathetic, who knows? 

I'm going to end this one here for the night as I'm lying in bed, in the darkness and I'm pretty sure if I keep this up, I'll be conjuring up new things to be scared of.

Goodnight bloggers!

Kirsty xx


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