Saturday, 31 May 2014

Imaginary tea party guests...

So, the big question is... If you could host a tea party and invite anyone in the world, who would you pick? Maybe I have too much time on my hands today; but I got to daydreaming and then really thinking hard about who I'd want to share a cup of tea and a slice of sponge with and why they'd get my invite! So here's my list:

- Lady Gaga. I must admit, I'm a huge fan of the Gaga. I know she's not exactly everyone's cup of tea, (see what I did there... *rolls eyes*) but I personally think she's fab! I'd probably ask her how long it takes her to get ready in the mornings and mostly just sit staring at her pure amazingness!

- David Attenborough. It's all about the voice for me on this one! I could sit listening to Attenborough for hours... and he could probably teach me a few cool facts about birds too. You know, in case I ever encounter a Chocolate-backed Kingfisher out and about. (Yes it's a real bird, look it up!)

- Jeremy Clarkson. Okay, I know this guy is a bit controversial; however I think he's quite ballsy and he does crack me up from time to time. He's one of the main reasons why I have ever watched Top Gear and I'd quite like to witness one of his rants first-hand. Although; it's a bit of a risky invite as he's probably likely to piss off my other guests... hmmm!

- J K Rowling. Hello. This lady wrote Harry Potter, do you need any other reason?

- Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons) Technically not a person; but he'd get an invite all the same. There's nothing in the rules saying I can't invite a cartoon character, so I'm going with it. He'd get my invite for sheer entertainment value and that alone. By far the funniest Simpsons character of all time.

- Professor Brian Cox. The 'wonders of the universe,' genius and all-round likeable guy. I'm a bit of a science geek and love learning about how things work and come to be. Plus, I'm pretty sure he'd teach me some weird space facts to amaze and astound my friends. High-five Coxy. (He was also in a band once which is pretty cool too.)

- Dr Seuss. Ignoring the fact that it would be physically impossible for him to attend my tea party as he is in fact dead, he's still going on my list. One of the literary greats. I loved his books as a child and I enjoy sharing them with children in my teaching. He was wonderfully talented and clearly had a great imagination. I would ask him where he got all of his ideas from and find out what his favourite book was.

- Last but not least, Cheryl Cole. Ahhh Chezza. A Northern girl, like me; although infinitely more fabulous. After spending a creepy amount of time staring at her gorgeous face, I would grill her for style and beauty tips. I love how down to Earth she appears to be and I'm sure we would have a good old natter!

I expect my chances of actually making this tea party happen are as close to zero as you could possibly get; but I can still dream right? And all this tea party nonsense has really got me craving cake... big time! Screw you diet!

So here I will ask you... Who would you invite to your imaginary tea party and why?

Kirsty xx 

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