Monday, 5 May 2014

Jelly shoes...

As a child of the 90's I had it all, from snapper trackie bottoms to those black plastic chokers, (cringe!) What sticks out most in my memory are a sexy pair of beige, snakeskin effect trousers. What was I thinking? or more to the point, what was my mum doing, allowing me out of the house like that!? I loved strutting down the street in my Spice Girl shoes, (being careful enough not to fall and break my neck!) and my denim jacket was not only my best friend but an absolute wardrobe staple! But what gets me most of all is not my, quite frankly shocking taste in fashion, but the fact that all these little things seem to be creeping around again.

The latest in a long line of recurring fashions are JELLY SHOES. I remember being young and practically begging my mum for a pair of these gems! They were the ultimate statement shoe for every 8 year old girl and come summer, they rocked with your gingham school dress whilst playing pogs. My favourites were the clear jellies with silver sparkles. Simple, yet still snazzy enough to impress your friends. I owned these along with a lovely purple pair that I thought were the greatest things ever until a spider crawled through one of the gaps at the front whilst playing out, and scarred me for life.

Maybe it's just me, but seeing these coming back around again makes me feel slightly nostalgic, but mostly just plain old! Sure, they look fab on some, but I just can't bring myself to jump on this bandwagon back to my pre-adolescent self. Gone are my days of head to toe leopard print and velour shirts, (yes really!) Whilst jelly shoes I can cope with, some fashions need to stay well and truly back where they belong!


Are you a lover of the jelly shoe trend?

Kirsty xx

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