Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Life's a walk in the park...

Even for the most positive of us out there, there are times when life doesn't seem such a bed of roses. I'm not talking about a bad hair day or I can't find anything to wear day, but those days where you just want to crawl under your duvet and never resurface. We all have them in varying degrees. For me, living the expat life hasn't always been easy, and yes, whilst some people may say that I should be grateful for my experiences, and truly I am, it doesn't always leave you feeling entirely blessed.

For me, I have days where I miss the 'normality' of home. Being able to have a conversation with someone and being understood, decent tea and proper sausages! Knowing that your family is just around the corner and being able to have lunch with your friends. I'm sure I'm not alone in having those days where you just want to drop it all and jump on the next flight home.

Moving to Finland, I left my old job, life and friends behind along with the sun and yes, I have days where I question my decision. Being stuck in an apartment whilst my other half trots off to work wasn't exactly what I had envisaged my twenty-something self doing a few years ago. I never thought I'd miss having to drag my ass out of bed each morning for work but strangely enough I do! There are days when I want to draw the curtains and forget that there is a world outside my window and sit feeling sorry for myself. But then there are days like yesterday. Days that start off being dull but end with a lovely stroll through the park and a reminder that it's the small things that put a smile on our faces.

Watching the water glisten in the sunlight, the sound of a waterfall and the leaves rustling in the trees. Walking through the park to the sound of birdsong made me forget the stresses and worries and made me appreciate where I am right now. Yes, my life may not be exactly as I would have chosen for myself and it may not always be easy, but once you learn to take joy in the small things, it becomes that little bit more special.

Images taken in Kotka.

Kirsty xx

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