Monday, 26 May 2014

Snaps from Helsinki...

Urgh, it's Monday again... (High-five to those enjoying a bank holiday though!) I thought I would share with you some lovely snaps from around Helsinki. On Saturday, the boy and I decided to do the tourist thing and drive over to Helsinki to soak up the sun and explore! It was an absolute scorcher of a day! And here was me thinking Finland was cold!?

After missing our turning and spending a small lifetime navigating all the little side streets, we finally managed to get ourselves parked. In the centre, there was a world village festival on which was definitely interesting! We managed to stumble into the crowd and saw some live music and browsed the various stalls that had been set up. Doing a bit of research, it would appear that the festival happens every year and is organised to bring together people of different cultures to celebrate multiculturism and promote tolerance.. Not bad!

Once we had escaped the crowds, we managed to walk a huge circle around the entire of Helsinki! My feet have not been happy with me this weekend!

Have you been to Helsinki? If so, where do you like to go and what are your favourite things to do there?

Kirsty xx



  1. I love Helsinki and have been lucky enough to have been visiting for over 10 years due to family connections. I love the design culture, the cafes and there is a great tea shop I go to called Thé Huone. Great photos! Jaye. :-)

    1. Ooo, I'll have to make a note of that tea shop! If they sell nice cakes then I'm all in! Helsinki is such a lovely city so you're lucky to have family connections there. Thanks for commenting Jaye xxx


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