Friday, 23 May 2014

Want false lashes that stay put?

Are you a false lashes kind of girl? Do you want lashes that stay in place and don't end up crawling down your face at the end of a heavy night? Well look no further!

Primark Beauty offer a range of natural look lashes, and whilst yes, the lashes are okay, that's not the real selling point of these lashes for me! Behold the adhesive...

This stuff is miraculous for a number of reasons! Once you use it to stick those lashes on, those bad boys are staying put all night long! Seriously.. This glue is super sticky and practically fuses your falsies to your face. Secondly, it only costs £1! Bargain. The glue is a milky colour, although not as white as other formulas, and dries totally clear so no messy looking eyelids. The instructions for use are simple and I won't patronize you with the details. Wait until it's tacky and then pop the lashes on, it usually dries in under a minute. 

I have tried many of the top brand lashes such as Eylure, Ardell and No7; however I always come back to good ol' Primarini for my lash glue! The Primark lashes themselves aren't particularly great as I mentioned, although I have worn them in emergencies. They can be a little unnatural looking and I find them to be a bit too big for my lids. I prefer the Eylure Naturalites collction and they stick so much better with the Primark glue. 

The only down side I must point out is that the glue can be a little tricky to wash off when you want to remove your face at the end of the night; but I feel that's a small price to pay for perfectly-in-place lashes! 

So there you have it ladies! The ultimate bargain lash glue! Pop over to the Primark website to find your nearest store and get rocking those lashes now!

Kirsty xx 


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