Thursday, 15 May 2014

You know you're a student when...

It's been about 3 years since I graduated from university and I have to say, I really don't miss the ridiculous amount of assignments that I had to write; however, every now and then I spare some time to reminisce about student life and all the hilarious things that my friends and I got up to. I suppose you only really appreciate it as much as you should when you're in the 'real' world, living like an adult, (or something like that...) and you look back at how you once lived your life and how you actually survived long enough to complete a course that isn't two weeks of anitbiotics! I'm still not entirely sure but here are some snippets of student life that defined how I survived the dark days.

1. Food is not a necessity

Well, not unless you and 5 of your roomies have clubbed together to order pizza. To be frank, you only tend to have enough money to buy alcohol and that's far more nutritious than a microwave meal right!? What little food you end up eating will be nothing you will ever eat in your adult life... seriously! Curry, rice and mashed potatoes may sound tempting when you're suffering from a stage 5 hangover, but no self-respecting person eats this... ever!

2. Stealing is not a crime

It's somehow socially acceptable as a student, to steal things and display them proudly in you halls/apartment. Traffic cones, road signs, a giant canvas print of Snoopy the dog, (that happened) My friends and I had a wall dedicated to things we had miraculously acquired during our many nights out. I must point out.. stealing small tokens here and there is one thing, but stealing other people's work is plagiarism my friend and this will be firmly hammered into your head the minute you cross the campus threshold! Don't do it... You have been warned!

3. Pyjamas are not just for bed

They are your best friend and fashion staple. Come rain, shine, shop dash or 9am lecture, you'll be rocking these bad boys like there's no tomorrow! Team with a university hoodie and you've nailed 'the look!'

4. You learn the meaning of the word, Procrastination 

Before becoming a student, it is likely that you will have never encountered this word and have no idea of it's meaning, but oh my friend, you will become VERY familiar and procrastination and yourself will become best buddies. It's name will feature in a good majority of your Facebook statuses and it will haunt you as you frantically pull all-nighters in the run up to deadline day.

5. Student loan day is better than Christmas

There is no better feeling in the world than the day your student loan clears in your heavily overdrawn bank account. Put down that tin of spaghetti, we're eating steak tonight girls! For a brief moment you re-discover Topshop and ASOS and blow half of your rent buying that pair of shoes you've had your eye on for weeks! But all good things must come to an end... 2 weeks later, your phone line is being cut again and you've taken to Google to find out what you can cook up with half a jar of pickles, a box of crackers and a cheesestring.

6. You'll drink anything if the price is right

It doesn't matter if it comes with a sparkler or is a dubious shade of green, if it's cheap, you'll have it! 'Student nights' will determine which bars you drink in and on what days, regardless... 90p for a watered-down blue wkd, bargain!

7. Discounts

Everywhere you look, you'll find stores offering student discounts. If there is no sign, you will ask. I mean seriously, you NEED this £1.45 saving, like really... It's worth almost 2 drinks on student night don't you know!?

8. You will make friends for life

I used to think this was just something people said, but it couldn't be more true! Nothing screams, friends for life like having to scrape your naked housemate off the bathroom floor whilst she desperately clutches onto half a pepperoni pizza. Uni friends are the ones who see you at your drunken, slobbering worst and still love you. They comfort you during your inevitable nervous breakdowns and really, once you've cried to your roomie over the takeway shop screwing up your order, there is really no going back.

Some days I wish I could go back and re-live my uni life for just one more day; although I seriously doubt I could handle it anymore. A big high five to all the students out there, past and present!

Kirsty xx



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