Saturday, 21 June 2014

I'm in a relationship with my dentist!

It's not a mutually beneficial relationship. It's the kind of relationship where I pay this man ridiculous amounts of money to have more holes drilled into me than should be humanly possible. This unilateral affair has been taking place for several weeks now, and I for one am not reaping any such benefits from it. (Except slightly healthier teeth, I suppose)

I actually really hate the dentist. I'm not prejudiced against any specific dentist, I just hate them all. Anyone who drills people for a living and seems to be happy about it should be approached with caution. And yes, I am speaking of drilling in the mechanical sense, behave now! 

So it would appear that I needed a few fillings here and there. My first in 26 long, booze-fuelled, chocolate scoffing years! Apparently I have 'hard' teeth, which confuses me slightly as I always thought that all teeth were hard?! Where are all you soft-teethed folk hiding? So, yea.. My teeth are hard and as a result have held their own up until now. I've totaled 4 fillings with just as many dentist visits. I'm beginning to feel like the staff at my local dentist are a part of the family and I always get greeted with a few friendly, 'Heys' as I step through the door. I was even furnished with the tale of my dentist's most recent trip to London and we chatted about which part of the UK I am from. How very civilised! That was until he started drilling the bejesus out of my face. 

My question is, why could all of this not be done in one swift sitting? I'm somewhat a patient girl. I could have spared a few hours to get a job lot dental fix, but no, here I am, fourth visit completed this week with another appointment lined up next week! I feel like this love affair with my dentist is never going to end. 


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