Friday, 13 June 2014

I'm not here...

Whilst you're reading this I am probably sitting on my ass somewhere in Helsinki or drinking a cocktail... or both. Scott's parents are over and we have planned food and beverages in the city before sneaking off to a lovely little cabin by a huge lake further north.

As I am sure most of you know, Thursday was the start of the World Cup. I've been reminded of this fact on almost a daily basis by my overly excited fiance, whilst I just about mustered a unenthusiastic 'woohoo,' in response. It's not that I'm not a fan of the World Cup. I love watching England play; i.e. getting merry in the pub and occasionally asking someone to explain what's going on. But I know this year it will consist of hardcore watching and I will be required to have some sort basic knowledge of tactics and what not. Scott even asked me if I wanted to create a fantasy football team... I thought this was some kind of sex act until he explained the rules to me. I still didn't get it and I still didn't care. So, yea.. I'm in no doubt that this long weekend will consist largely of keeping up with all the footballing action.. you jealous yet?

I'm aware that I am painting a pretty crappy picture of my 'relaxing' break, and to be fair, it isn't entirely revolving around football. I'm staying in the gorgeous Radisson Blu Plaza in Helsinki, and I swear they have the comfiest beds I have ever slept in.. seriously! For a girl that loves her sleep, a comfy bed is the highlight of most of my hotel stays. Once we arrive at the cabin we will be completely relaxing, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and praying hard that it doesn't rain all weekend as it suggests on the forecast. Typical! We've hired a boat to take us; i.e. Scott and his parents out water-skiing and creating havoc in one of those doughnuts. My one and only experience of those water doughnut things was in Magaluff circa 2006 when I was convinced I was about to face imminent death being thrown around the Med. It's safe to say I haven't had the misfortune of  going on one of them since, nor do I intend to break that streak this weekend. I should point out, I absolutely hate water, splashing about in my face, going up my nose and in my eyes. Water, you do not belong there! So I shall be relaxing on the boat with my feet up whilst the rest of the crazy kids enjoy their water-sporting fun.

Normal service will resume on Monday, that is if I make it back from said boat trip in one piece and I don't make a detour to spend a few more nights lazing about in a Radisson bed.

What are you all up to this weekend?

Kirsty xx


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