Sunday, 1 June 2014

June Benefit giveaway!

It's a new day and a new month, which can only mean one thing... A giveaway competition! 

Up for grabs is this gorgeous b.right Radiant Skincare set by Benefit. Included are miniature versions of; Triple performance facial emulsion, Moisture prep toning lotion, Foamingly clean facial wash, Refined finish facial polish, Total moisture facial cream and It's potent eye cream! Everything you need for perfectly polished, moisturised and hydrated skin. Hooray!

So here's how to be in with a chance of getting your hands on this fabulous prize... Just be following my blog; Effortlessly Excessive on Bloglovin, it's as simple as that! My current number of lovely Bloglovin followers stands at 132. If this number gets doubled by the 30th June, I will have my other-half randomly pick a winner from my list of followers.. (He hasn't agreed to this yet, but there's nothing a bit of bacon sandwich-related bribery can't solve!) and they will receive this super gift!  If, like me, you're absolutely rubbish at maths, double 132 is 264.. Thank you very much iPhone calculator. So that's the target ladies and gents!

Here's the link to my Bloglovin account - Effortlessly Excessive


Kirsty xx


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