Thursday, 12 June 2014

MAC - A Party of Pastels

It was a few weeks ago that I bought this little eye-shadow set from MAC and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it, as you can probably tell. I'm not usually a huge fan of pink/purple toned shadows as I tend to feel like I'm sporting a bruised eye, rather than anything else; however, these shadows have a lovely tone to them. 

I tend to use the silvery/white shade most for highlighting the arch of my brow and occasionally use the other shadows to create a pale pinky/purple smokey eye. The shadows are well pigmented and super shimmery. What more could a girl want?

They have a number of different sets of these eye-shadows. One in particular that I really now regret buying was, 'A Harvest of Greens' which include some lovely olive and burgundy colours with a lovely dark blush colour too.

Have you tried any of the MAC Mineralize eye-shadow sets, and if so, which one's are you rating?

Kirsty xx


  1. These look gorgeous!! I love mac eyeshadows:)



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