Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The first...

There's always one guy that likes to be different! The kind of person who says, "To hell with convention," and breaks away from society's norms. I'm not saying that this person is me; although I would secretly like to be on the fun side of crazy, foster several cats and dance around my apartment doing the Macarena in my knickers. Okay, the last one isn't entirely that far off my actual life, but who's judging right? 

Anyway, I'm digressing massively here..

My point is, that whilst I was having dinner with my partner the other night, I raised the question.. Who was the first person to ever open a restaurant? Who woke up one day and thought, you know what? I'm just going to invite the tribe around for a cooked meal but I won't sit with them and charge them half a goat and a cup of corn for the privilege! When did people get lazy and decide that from this day forth there should be an option of someone else putting dinner on the table and cleaning the dishes whilst you polish off that last glass of Pinot Grigio. It's not just restaurants either that have me wondering. I mean, who was the first person to milk a cow? Seriously.. Imagine walking outside to find your dad frantically tugging the udder. I bet his neighbors gossiped about him for weeks! (Whilst drinking a nice glass of milk, I presume.) 

I could go all day with these little ponderings. Who was the first person to ever own a pet and how did they explain it to their better halves? Or how about wallpaper their walls? Who decided that the only way to spruce up their cave was to stick pretty paper on it? I also wonder about recipes all the time. Did someone just wake up one day and decide to throw eggs, flour, butter, sugar etc into a tin and pop it into the oven for just long enough to produce a delicious spongy substance? Who was the first person to keep a plant solely for decoration and who was the first person to lie out in the sun for no other reason than to tan? Their friends must have thought they were losing it! (As you probably think I am, whilst reading this!) 

Being the first is often seen as the most desirable outcome. The first to win a race or the first to try a new product, but if it involves you running down the street with chicken feathers and mayo in your hair, people will think you're crazy.. That is, until you step out with your fabulously shiny hair! 

And on that note...
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Kirsty xx


  1. I love this post, it possibly the first one of its kind :) I often wonder these things too

    Hayley x

    1. Thank you! I'm always thinking weird stuff when I'm in the shower or trying to sleep or pretty much whenever I'm not speaking to someone.. My fella thinks I'm going daft! Haha.. Appreciate the comment!

      Kirsty xx

  2. Actually i read a while ago that nobody was the first to decide to have cats as pets but that cats decided at some point in the past that it was beneficial to them to go live with us humans. So they chose us. Also, same article said that cats think we are just bigger more stupid cats. Knowing my cat, that seemed about right.
    But ye i had similar thoughts in the past: Who was the first to do especially some of the stuff which appears a bit more far fetched? And how did they got to it?

    1. Well that seems about right.. Haha! I can imagine my mum's cats feeling this way. Thanks for commenting xx


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