Thursday, 17 July 2014

Don't burn an outdoor candle, indoors!

The title pretty much explains itself. If you ever decide to buy outdoor candles, please burn them outside, and not in your apartment. Otherwise this happens. ^^^

That, my friends, is my lovely sheepskin rug... Or it was, before it was ruined by a whole heap of sooty mess. 

Now, before you start to wonder, I'm not usually an idiot. I did pretty well at school and I deem myself to have a fair amount of common sense. It would appear that on this particular day my brain decided to take a little power nap without giving me prior warning. Thanks brain!

This is the candle in question:

If you have visited Finland in the Summer or have a particular interest in the life and habits of bugs; you will know that in the warmer weather, you practically become a walking all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes and flies. I don't mean to discriminate, as all insects are important and serve a purpose in the grand scheme of life, but flies really pee me off! I mean, there's a whole, super massive expanse of sky out there. Why do you feel the need to be in my face? I've decided that it is just attention seeking behaviour and I have no time for that whatsoever. Factor in the warm, humid weather requiring windows and balcony doors to be open round the clock, my apartment has recently turned into some sort of fly haven. Hence where the candles come into this. If you're an insect-repelling, candle boffin, you may have already guessed that said candle is of the citronella variety. Basically, it's designed to keep the winged pests away. Perfect!

Another thing you may be aware of if you have spent any time outside the touristy parts of Finland, is that NOTHING is written in English. Not that I'm complaining though. Finnish people speak Finnish, why should they include English on their stuff? Although, it does make food shopping a nerve wracking game of Russian Roulette and I have bought my fair share of weird and wonderful, accidental products as a result. My point is, I didn't know that the candles were, 'outdoor only' candles. Yes I know, "Look at the size of that wick!" I get it. I just wasn't for getting hung up on size in my itchy, mosquito bitten state, and just figured that the Finns were onto something with such a sturdy looking specimen. 

After several minutes of candle burnage, I began to notice that not a fly was in sight... Result! Although, pretty much nothing else was in sight either as a dense cloud of smog had formed overhead. My lungs are still quivering at the sheer memory of it. Not only have I perhaps ushered myself down a path of early respiratory disease, I've also caused every inch of exposed apartment surface to be covered in soot. 

I suppose you could say that it wasn't one of my finer moments. I'm still being harassed by flies; however I now have an ungodly amount of cleaning to keep me occupied and distract me from my fumigation efforts. 

Give me strength! 


  1. Oh-ohhhh :( hope your rug is OK now!

    Style Sunrise


    1. They're getting there... Haha! Thanks for commenting Karen xx

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