Thursday, 31 July 2014

Is it just me?

People are pretty weird. Nobody in particular, just everyone. We've all got these strange little quirks and habits which make up the very fabric of our individuality... I fall into the category of, 'people' therefore I completely accept that I'm as strange as everybody else; although I'm pretty comfortable with this.

I'm not even sure what got me thinking about this today. I wish I could say something meaningful and insightful but I can't, so I'm sorry for that. I guess maybe it started by looking at my decorative, purple candles on my window... You know the kind - Bought ages ago, never lit. It's kinda strange that I bought a product designed to be lit and give light and yet they've sat on my bedroom window sill for six months gathering dust. Now I know for a fact I'm not the only one that does this. Bazillions of people all around the world have candles dotted around their homes, never to be lit and never to be used. Why do we do this? Why not just paint some plastic cylinders and stick those on your fireplace? 

I decided to compose a little list of some of my other strange habits, along with the question of, 'Is it just me?' That way I can figure out if I'm a, 'normal' level of weird or just weird weird. Here goes:

- I can't wash dishes. At all. The thought of putting my hands into dirty dish water makes me physically recoil in disgust. Yes, what about rubber gloves? I can't do that either. Have you ever smelt your hands after washing up in rubber gloves? *Shudder* Just no. 

- If a cupboard door is slightly ajar, I need to close it. Who knows what's hiding in there. Which leads me on to...

- I make up completely irrational and unrealistic scenarios in my head, and then scare myself with them. Like the time I convinced myself there was a small, grudge-esque child living in my basement. (See here

- I buy things based purely on the fact that they're pretty, regardless if I want/need/will ever use it. 

- I go batshit crazy if someone dares to flick water in my face. I'm the girl that swims with my neck outstretched so as not to get a splash and I've pretty much mastered the art of showering without so much as a drip touching my face. 

- I don't like food on my plate to touch. My veg shouldn't touch my meat and anything slightly runny should just be in a little corner by itself. (The obvious exception to the rule being gravy) I'm slightly better at tolerating this now, especially eating out at restaurants; however, when I was a child, I was a nightmare for not eating any of my food that had bumped into each other on my plate. 

- I love my pets more than most people. Just saying. 

- I get completely obsessed with songs and then play them on repeat until I no longer enjoy listening to them.

- I get emotionally attached to clothes. It doesn't matter that you're ten years old and I've only worn you once... I can't part with you! You never know, it may come back in fashion!

- I have dreams about my boyfriend being horrible to me and then I wake up mad and grumpy with him. 

- If I ever get a spot, I know I shouldn't pick it. I tell myself I mustn't pick it. Then I pick it. Arghh!

- I can't set my alarm to go off at any time that is not to the nearest five minutes. 6:45 - Yes, 6:46 - No! If I happen to press snooze and end up on a random time, I will wait until the nearest five minutes to get up. 

If you can relate to any of the above or have any strange habits of your own, feel free to pop them in a comment below and let's all embrace the weirdness. 


  1. I also buy things that look pretty! Does it fit, do I need it, will I use it - not important - it's pretty! This means I have lots of miniature things - more expensive to buy minis but they are pretty! I also do songs on repeat - hubby hates it - same song for days then move on. Plus I have a thing with numbers on volumes so I can't have the volume on the tv/radio on an odd number it MUST be even! Just enough weird to be 'normal'

    1. Ahh, that is so me! What is it about odd numbers? I totally get it but it's just so silly. Us people-folk are an odd bunch!! Haha.. Thanks for commenting Clare xxx

  2. I agree with you on making up irrational scenarios in my head (always). And the song replay over and over again till I don't wanna hear it anymore is also a habit of mine. Picking the spots oh god I wonder can anyone out there actually stop themselves from picking (not me anyway). Great post :)

    Beauty with charm

    1. Thanks lovely. My boyfriend thinks I'm mad with all the silly things I think up... I end up really scaring myself sometimes, over practically nothing!! I guess it's just an over-active imagination, or that's what I tell him anyway!! Thanks for commenting xxx

  3. I definitely make up situations in my head too! It's so annoying :(

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. I've decided it means we're all just super creative people with really active imaginations... sounds better than just being weird! Haha... Thanks for commenting lovely xxx

  4. I can relate to a lot of these! Especially the water being flicked in your face. Though I'm not that bothered about it when I'm swimming. It's when someone has just washed their hands then flicks them at me. Not cool!

    1. Eurgh, not nice! My boyfriend learnt from a very early stage that flicking water in my face was a serious offence! Haha... I've always been a bit soft with water. Going in your eyes and up your nose... no thanks!! Thanks for your comment Lisa xxx

  5. You are basically me. I agree with literally everything on this list. We should probably be friends. Except, I have a 15-minute thing with time, rather than 5-minutes.

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

    1. Yay, 'crazy' friends! I think we would certainly get along. Maybe we could sit drinking tea and freak out over silly, made-up situations whilst surrounding ourselves in all the pretty things we've bought? Haha.. Thanks for your comment Catherine xxx


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