Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I've lost my mojo!

Firstly, I must apologise for the drab and dreary nature of this post, but if I could sum myself up in two words; those would be it. This week has just had me by the scruff of the neck and it's only Wednesday. If I make it to the weekend then we may need to hold some sort of celebration. I'm thinking strong cocktails and balloons. Who doesn't love balloons? Anyway, I'm thinking out loud here and this never makes for a good blog post, so please bear with me. 

This week has been one of those, 'my life is shit' weeks. I'm aware that in saying such a thing, I'm being very melodramatic; however it's just been one of those weeks where everything seems to be not quite how I would like it to be. I guess I'm feeling a little bit like how Brazil must be feeling this morning and if you don't understand this reference then you must have truly been living under a rock, or have a life way more interesting than mine right now. High-five! So, take my blog for example. Last week it was my best friend; however now it's like my blog went and borrowed my new dress without asking and we've had tense words. Although, I shouldn't really blame blog as she hasn't really done anything wrong, it's just the fact that I'm having a bit of a, 'is my blog really rubbish?' wobble. There's so much over-thinking going on and for me, that's generally a bad thing. 

It's not just the old blog that has taken some stick. Wedding planning, apartment and our general living situation has felt the wrath this week. I know I don't appear to be a very rational/sane/don't stare directly at me person right now, but I usually have it pretty together... promise! (I think the number of times that I clarify this in my blog posts perhaps suggests the opposite, but oh well!) 

Does anyone else ever have days or weeks where they just feel like their entire life just shrunk in the wash and now feels misshapen and ill-fitting? Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy as such, I just think that I need a little kick up the rear to find my foothold again. Or I guess I could just shop it out.



  1. First off, your such a good writer, really funny, I love reading your posts! I think we all have days where we wonder if our blog is good enough or feel down about it. Its normal. Its like anything in life, you can love something, then completely doubt it 'Is my hair shit? Does he even like me?' etc etc, sounds like your having a 'Blog Fat Day', that was me last week. I over think EVERYTHING, until I suddenly just think 'Shall i give up?'
    But stay, positive and upbeat :) and trust me, your blog is great (also I LOVE the layout) so never give up :)
    x tink x
    (Pssst ... vote for me for 'Best Lifestyle Blog' at the cosmo Blog Awards x x)

    1. What you say is so true! There's definitely been a few, 'blog fat days' this week! Haha.. It seems like a few of us have been there and that makes me feel a bit more normal. Thank you for your lovely words about my blog and also, major CONGRATULATIONS for being shortlisted!! I need to get my votes in ASAP xxx

  2. Hey there. I agree with Tinkerbell, we all have those days. I've just started myself and have had those moments where I am thinking whether I made the right decision to start blogging. It is particularly difficult for me as my content is limited by the fact that I am somewhat "anonymous" in my blogging due to my job. But I keep going because I truly enjoy it and who know's maybe one day I can take my blog to the next level and share more than I can now. My point is, there is a face behind your blog. You are a person with interests and much to share. People have and will continue to connect with you and as long as blogging continues to make you happy, try not to worry too much about certain things and keep at it. :-) Oh, and I love your writing style as well.

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment Kimmy. It's comforting to see that other people feel or have felt the same way at times. I guess it's just part and parcel of blogging. Good luck with your blog and I hope it works out well for you :) xxx


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