Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick VS L’Oréal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss

Today it's battle of the balms on Effortlessly Excessive and as promised, I'm going to be comparing Clinique's Chubby Stick with L’Oréal's Glam Shine balm. I have reviewed both of these products on my blog already, (Clinique Chubby Stick and L’Oréal Glam Shine) So I will try to avoid repeating myself too much and shall stick to comparing these luscious lippies. 

Both balms give a lovely semi-sheer cover. The original Chubby Sticks tend to be a little more toned down in terms of colour; however I have sampled some of the Chubby Stick Intense balms and these pack a bit more punch. The Glam Shine range itself seems to be much brighter and the particular shade I have chosen is less subtle than the Chubby Stick. Both are well pigmented and it really depends what look you are going for. Personally, I prefer the range of shades on offer from L’Oréal and many of the balms are infused with a gentle shimmer. 

My winner - Both. Although I prefer the Glam Shine range of colours. 

The clear winner of this one for me is the L’Oréal Glam Shine balm. It's more moisturising than the Chubby Stick and definitely leaves my lips feeling much more hydrated. 

My winner - L’Oréal Glam Shine

Both products wear really well and last a good amount of time. Even after a while, the colour can still be seen with both balms; however I find myself applying the Chubby Stick more frequently due to the fact that it tends to dry out much quicker; which in turn uses more product. 

My winner - A very close one but the Glam Shine due to the fact that I have to reapply less frequently. 

The lip crayon design is great for ease of application and you don't really need to use a mirror for a quick top-up. The packaging is a similar thickness, which is great for grip and with both balms, the product holds its shape and doesn't crumble or squish when it's being used. 

My winner - Both

Okay, I have to consult the Boots website for this particular segment as I paid the ridiculous, over-inflated prices in Finland. Via Boots, you can pick up the Chubby Stick for £17 and the Glam Shine for the absolute bargain price of £6.99. I'm crying a little over the fact that I paid almost double these prices. Book me a flight home pronto!

My winnerL’Oréal Glam Shine

My overall winner - L’Oréal Glam Shine

In choosing the Glam Shine as my overall winner, I still wouldn't rule out purchasing another Chubby Stick if there was a particular shade that I really wanted. The Chubby Stick is still a really great product and I love using it; however I would definitely make sure that L’Oréal didn't stock a similar shade first as I honestly cannot fault their Glam Shine balm. So much so in fact, that I ended up buying another to add to my collection. Meet Fall for Watermelon:

It's a brighter pop of pink than my other Glam Shine balm, and another brilliant shade from L’Oréal. I have been rocking this during the day since I picked it up last week. 

Have you tried the Chubby Stick or the Glam Shine balm? What are your thoughts?


  1. I love this idea for a post! I also am happy that the budget buy won, much more purse friendly haha :) I didn't realise makeup was so expensive outside the UK!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Thank you. Makeup and beauty products that you would get in the UK are soooo expensive in Finland, it's crazy! I once paid 45 Euros for a Dior lipstick... OUCH! I refuse to buy makeup here anymore. Need to try and do more shopping online. As for the lip balms, the Glam Shine totally deserved the win. It's a great little product xxx

  2. I recently got a Chubby Stick and was a bit disappointed- I'll definitely be looking into the Glam Shine options from now on! Always a bonus when the bargain products are better than the premium ones!

    Love your blog design btw x

    Katrina | thechatterfox.com

    1. I've heard many people say they are disappointed with the Chubby Stick. I think the 'darker' shades give a better colour pay off. Some of the lightest shades are barely visible. You definitely don't have that problem with the Glam Shine range. They're so colourful xx

  3. I definitely need to get a couple of the Glam Shine's they sound so lovely xx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

    1. You should definitely give them a whirl! For the price, they're such a great, little product xxx


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