Friday, 8 August 2014

Packing tips for a weekend away...

Do you have a mini-holiday planned? Perhaps a long weekend or a short, city break? If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you may be entitled to compensation... jokes. However, if you are planning a little trip away, here is my ultimate guide to packing:
Pull out an appropriate weekend-sized bag and shake sand out of it. Spend 10 to 15 minutes deciding if it will fit all of your crap in. Eye up your full-sized suitcase and already start to think up some suitable justifications for using it. 
Spend far longer than necessary trying on various outfits, before deciding on what you will pack. Pack an emergency outfit in case you are having a fat day or wake up hating what you've brought to wear for that lovely evening meal. Of course, each outfit needs its own pair of shoes and matching handbag. Start to feel a little bit more concerned about the lack of space in your sensible weekend bag. 
Shed a few tears trying to untangle your hair straighteners and consider embracing the frizz on your mini-break. Walk away and have a cup of tea before either trying again or roping someone in to help you. Repeat the entire process for your phone charger.
If you're off somewhere sunny, pack a different bikini for every day. If you're off somewhere not sunny, pack a bikini. You never know when you might need a bikini. 
Remove everything from your already brimming weekend bag and place it in the bigger suitcase. Curse yourself for not listening to your instinct earlier. If anyone judges you just explain that it's always better to have too much stuff than too little... and then cross them off your Christmas card list.
Triple check that you packed clean undies and stuff your perfume in a sock for a bit of extra protection. Cram as much makeup as humanly possible into your make up bag and place it in the middle of your case, praying to baby Jesus that nothing breaks. Side track a little by attempting to calculate how much money you have trickled away on cosmetics and shudder a little. 
Throw in a few extra bits and pieces before summoning some hidden; Iron Man style strength to zip up your case. Stand back to admire your efforts before realising that you forgot to pack your toothbrush. Unzip a teeny tiny section of your case and try to slot any forgotten bits inside. 
After arriving at your destination, have a little mini breakdown because you don't have anything to wear and resort to your emergency outfit and/or plan a little shopping trip because a girl can never have too much stuff, right? (Just don't question how you're going to get it all home again!)

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