Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thoughts for Thursday...

It's almost the weekend guys and girls, and this is infinitely more exciting for me than usual because this weekend I am off to Oslo. (That's in Norway for all of you geographically challenged. I feel your pain) Booked on a whim because the flights were £45 each, return. There's really nothing you can argue about that. So, at some point today I will commence the eternal struggle that is packing; and if you wish to learn more about the process of this soul-destroying activity, click your little arrow on this link right here

In other news, I'm still being spammed. Perhaps not with as much fervour as in previous days, but nevertheless, still spam. I wonder if this is my punishment for squirting a wasp with deodorant the other week, because everyone knows that any aerosol, be it hairspray, deodorant or air freshener, doubles up as a make-shift insect repellent in times of desperate need. I feel like asking that you refrain from judging me; however I am aware that this will probably make no difference. Equally, if you happen to be a Buddhist, then I do apologise. I'm not usually inclined to a bit of animal murder, but wasps just over step the line for me. 

In further news, I can report that I have started a 30 day ab challenge. Here's what it looks like:

Scarier than checking your bank balance when you know your rent is due. I briefly considered doing a blog post stating my participation in the ab challenge, but then I knew I'd have to write a, 'here's where it all went wrong' style post in the inevitable event that I developed a muscular injury, or whatever term you use for jibbing out these days. Nobody really deserves that level of humiliation, unless you're perhaps the kind of person that doesn't flush a public toilet and then there ends my sympathy. People don't like you. 

In slightly more disturbing news, Scott has gained an interest in Nazi documentaries. For the record, he's NOT a Nazi sympathiser; before I have an angry mob knocking down my door. (Although, I do have two as is the Finnish custom so I'd be intrigued to see how far one would get.) For as long as I've known Scott, he's always been a documentary kind of guy. Up until recently it was always about the shark documentaries; however after watching one of the Louis Theroux shows on Nazis, it's been cropping up more frequently in his suggested viewing. I suppose his thirst for historical knowledge is commendable, however I'm just worried about anyone seeing our Netflix history and judging us on a human level. 

In other TV related news; I've really got into watching that Educating Essex show. Yes, I'm waaay behind the times on that one, but I never really had the time to watch it before. If you've never heard of it, it's like a fly-on-the-wall documentary about life in an Essex high school. Perhaps it's the teacher in me that enjoys this type of stuff more than the average person. I briefly mentioned it to Scott and he kinda shrugged it off, saying hidden cameras in a school was sort of creepy. I suppose he's got a point, but either way, I'm still hooked. 

The biggest news of all this week is that I'm finally moving into a new apartment. *Insert happy dance* If you are unfamiliar with the trials and tribulations of my current apartment, then cast your eyes over this sorry lot. (That time I tried to help a drunk person and The time a strange man weed in my garden) The latest thing is some absolute creature smoking excessive amounts of pot on a neighbouring balcony, resulting in me spending half my day in a smoked out apartment, high as a kite. Sounds fun but it really, really isn't. So in a short few weeks we will be moving to a lovely new place, a stone's throw from town and in stumbling distance to the Sokos department store - A.K.A a Finnish version of Debenhams... ish! Just think beauty counters and you'll catch my drift. 

So, that's about all I've got today, but before I go, I shall leave you with this little thought as it is only a mere 18 weeks until Christmas: Why does Santa wear a bright red outfit if he's out and about, sneaking into people's houses at night? Surely black would be a more appropriate colour, right? 


  1. I hope you have an amazing time in Norway, uber jealous!!! The ab challenge or squat challenge is something i always start with good intentions but get bored by about day 3 haha! Your new apartment sounds amazing, Sokos and Stockmann are sooo good i am jealous! The fact that there's really so few weekends to Christmas excites me too much i love it :D xxx

    1. Thanks lovely... I'm just putting the finishing touches to my packing! I once did the squat challenge and managed to get at least half-way through before giving up. I reckon that's a decent achievement!! Haha... I'm sooo excited to move into the new place. It's much bigger and nicer than the place we have currently. I LOVE Stockmann. It's just so much more expensive than at home. I paid 45 Euros for a YSL Touche Eclat a month or two back... OUCH! xxx

  2. Hiya Kristy - I want to ask you a quick question via email, tried to use your contact form but for some reason it wasn't submitting. My email is Thank hun!

    1. Oh no! Really sorry about that... damn technology! I have sent you an email but if you haven't received it, feel free to pop me your question via this email: xxx


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