Friday, 12 September 2014

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Peachy Keen

Today we're talking blusher over here. Specifically, the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts range from Makeup Revolution. The beauty blogger's best friend brand and one that is sneaking its way into my heart like a student sneaking onto a train without paying the fare... not that I ever did that of course. 

Moving on, there are three different blushers available in the Blushing Hearts range, also a couple of bronzers and a highlighter too. The shade I picked up is called Peachy Keen. It seems to be the less intense of the three blushes which, as not a huge blusher fan, suited me to a tee. 

The Peachy Keen blusher is comprised of two stripes of a peachy/champagne shimmer with a dusky pink colour sandwiched in between. I have swatched the shades individually and mixed together. Personally, I have been using the product swirled together; however you could definitely use the peachy shade on its own as a gorgeous eye shadow/highlight too. 

Now, as you can see from above, this blush is quite sparkly so if you're not a fan of the festive look, this blusher is probably not for you. That being said, in small amounts, the Peachy Keen Heart is such a lovely blush and I really enjoy using it. I literally swirl my blush brush around the pot once, tap off the excess and dab on my cheeks - no more, no less. You really only need the smallest, microscopic amount of this product to achieve a splash of warmth. It's that simple. 

Here's the part where we talk packaging, because how could we not!? Shall we just take a moment to swoon right now? ... Yes, I'm sure many of you are muttering Too Faced Sweethearts Blush under your breath, and I'm sure Makeup Revolution will agree that this is their take on the blush in question. It comes in a pink box and the blush itself is in a super girly, heart-shaped box. I'm a sucker for a pretty packaging and I think the head of the nail has truly been hit here. It looks great sitting on my dresser if anything else. 

At a snip of the cost of its higher end counterpart, the Blushing Hearts cost an affordable £4.99 which, considering how much product you actually get, is a total bargain. I'm keeping my fingers... and toes crossed that Makeup Revolution will be adding more lovely shade combinations to their Blushing Hearts range. If you're listening guys, I'll take a mixture of pale pinks please! 

Have you tried any of the Blushing Hearts range? What are your thoughts? 



  1. This product looks gorgeous, the packaging is beautiful! I have heard so much about makeup rev recently i really need to give it a try, i'm surprised the prices are so reasonable too :) xxx

    1. Oh, you need to give them a go! I wasn't expecting too much from them but I was really pleasantly surprised. These blushes are so cute xxx

  2. I love these blushers so much and I have two of them at home, so pretty on the face and dressing table :)

    Pam @

    1. They're great aren't they!? So cute and so affordable. Thanks for the comment xxx


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