Monday, 1 September 2014

imPress Press-on manicure - The best false nails you will ever buy!

Nail lovers around the world can rejoice because Boadway Nails have created the incredible imPress Press-On Manicure. Arguably the best falsies that I have ever got my paws on! I used to get salon, acrylic and gel nails put on for years until I could no longer bear the damaging effect that they were having on my nails. Cracking, splitting, you name it, I experienced it. After giving up those, I was always looking elsewhere for something a bit more long-lasting than a typical polish. Until now.

So how do they work? 

Well the best thing about them is the fact that they don't require any nasty glues that typically destroy your precious nails. The nails come pre-covered in a sticky gel-like substance on the back. No mess, no fuss. Just simply wipe your nails clean with the handy little prep wipe that is included, peel off the backing and pop them on your nails; ensuring you press them down tightly and smooth out the edges. It really is as simple as that!

Each pack comes with 24 nails, of varying different sizes so you're pretty much certain that you're going to find a good fit. It's handy to test them out first and then line them up in the correct order, before starting to apply them. That way, you're not fiddling about with half a set of false nails on, trying to see what's what! Another tip is to use your tweezers to remove the backing film. I found this made my life a whole lot easier, especially once I had applied the nails to one hand. 

The pack displayed here are a short style; however I have tried the medium length nails also and they are fab! Here's a little peek:

Short length in Kiss & Tell
Medium length in High Hopes

I have also tried the short length nails in Pick Me, which are a simple French manicure with glitter tips; although unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a photograph. Sorry guys. 

The great thing about these nails is that they literally don't budge. The box says they last up to a week and they do exactly that. In fact, when the week is up, you could probably still get away with wearing them longer; however the imPress people advise that you don't. I'm not entirely sure why on that one though. The nails are also fairly flexible and even after bashing my hand into a wall like a super smart individual, the nail pinged right back with only a small mark. No snapping here girls! 

When it's time to take them off, you literally just peel them away. The instructions tell you to apply nail polish remover to the edges of the nail before removing, but to be honest, I haven't bothered with this step and I have removed them without any problems. The best thing of all about these nails though is that because there is no need for any harsh glues, your nails are safe from harm and left damage-free. 

I am absolutely over the moon that I stumbled across these in my local beauty shop. They are a complete gem of a find and I have fallen for this product; hook, line and sinker! Fellow Finland dwellers, you can pick these up in Stockmann, I'm almost certain, or check out the pharmacies as I've seen them floating around all over. Everyone else, have a peek on the imPress website right here. I have also done a quick search online and you can also pick them up in Superdrug and Boots. Excellent. 

Have you tried the imPress nail range? What are your thoughts or are there any other false nails that you swear by? 


  1. A while back I heard rave reviews on these and always meant to pick them up but never did. Like most, I have the awful memories of how press on nails used to be back in the day...but these look fantastic. And the easy removal is a plus.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ahhh, you should pick some up and give them a whirl. I am so, SO impressed with them. (See what I did there ;) Haha) They are so quick and easy to do and the fact that you just peel them off when you're done is great! xxx

    2. Cute colors!! I've seen these at stores, but have never given them a try. I'll definitely have to give them a shot now. I usually do the nail stickers.

      XoXo Shea L. -------->

    3. I've never tried the nail stickers as I always worried they would look messy... How do you find them? xxx


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