Thursday, 4 September 2014

Makeup Revolution Lipstick

If you spotted my Sneak Peek post the other day or if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I recently purchased a few treats from the Makeup Revolution beauty range. I'm in no doubt that any blogger worth their stripy socks, will have heard about this current cult beauty brand. In recent weeks, Makeup Revolution have stormed my newsfeed with their cheap as chips products, but I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical on whether the quality would be up to scratch. 

In the lip department, I opted for, (and I can't even really believe that I am typing this) the Amazing Lipstick priced at one whole British Pound. Yes, really! That's about a quarter of the price of a glass of wine. The other purchase was the fractionally more expensive Lip Power Duo Lipstick and Lipgloss. Double-ended... now, now... with a lipstick at one end and at the other, a complimentary lipgloss. 

Amazing Lipstick in Chic
Lip Power in Everything's Alright

Let's look at the lipstick first shall we? I opted for the shade, 'Chic' which appears to be a Barbie pink; however it applies a much more sheer, sugary pink. It's infused with lots of teeny tiny shimmery bits which give this lipstick a nice, frosty finish. It's so hard to capture the true nature of this lipstick in a photograph as it's one that really catches the light, but here's a swatch nonetheless. 

Now, I'm not a matte lipstick lover which I've declared a number of times on here, so I was quite cautious as to what finishes I would get with with both the Amazing Lipstick and the Lip Power Duo; however the lipstick is incredibly moisturising. It's creamy, but still light and at times I almost feel like I'm wearing a balm, rather than a lipstick. Also, to say it's cheaper than your average loaf of bread, this lipstick wears really well. A great all-rounder and an absolute steal from Makeup Revolution!

My only critiscism of this product is based purely on the fact that I lack basic human skills and I can't seem to grasp that the lid is the bit with the colour on and not the other way around. Cue me opening it upside down every time and cursing at myself for being such an idiot. 

Next up we have the Lip Power Duo in Everything's Alright. I was a bit on the fence when I ordered this. It's not something that I would usually pick up from a makeup counter or anywhere else for that matter. I tend to have to really be in the mood for a gloss as it can be a bit tricky. The colour applies a pinky/peach with a slight hint of coral. The gloss is a very sheer peachy colour with a gold shimmer running through it. I have swatched the gloss and the lipstick and then a combination of the two. 

The lipstick alone is slightly creamy, but more of a matte finish than the one above; however it works well with the gloss to give a, 'wetter' feel which I personally prefer. Alone, the lipstick is one of those shades that requires your lips to be well exfoliated before application; although you can bypass this if you wear the gloss over the top. Lazy girl's option right there! (Yes, that's me) All in all, this duo lip set is a great little product. Am I going to reach for it every day? Probably not, but it's not something I'd stash away in the back of my drawer either; and at a bargain £3, you really can't argue with that. 

So which is my favourite? I think it's pretty safe to say that Chic is the one floating my boat today. It's so easy to wear and it's a great daytime lippie. Big thumbs to Makeup Revolution. There's already a tonne of other lipsticks I have my eye on from the collection, (Beloved, Mystify and The One to name but a few) 

Finally, a word on quality. I think if you wrapped these lip products up in a different package, you would struggle to guess that you could have both, and still get change from a fiver. Great quality, great products, great job Makeup Revolution. 

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution lip range? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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