Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sod's Law...

I'm sure we're all familiar with the term, 'Sod's Law' around here (Murphy's Law if you're across the pond). It's that wisecrack Fate having a good ol' laugh at our expense... Some examples would be, but not limited to; getting sick on your week off, harbouring a Vesuvius size spot the day you need to get your picture taken or getting caught in a downpour on the only occasion you forget to pack your brolly when you leave the house. For me, my latest Sod's Law moment was discovering that I have a major allergy to Vietnamese food, two days into a ten day trip to Vietnam. 

Let's wind it back...

If you've kept up to date with my whereabouts lately, you'll more than likely be aware of the fact that I was slightly more quiet than usual throughout the month of November, and that is unusual for me, the girl who could talk herself into Tonsillitis... My reason for being relatively off the radar comes down to travelling. I'll spare you the full details as my travel shenanigans have been making their way onto my blog (albeit quite slowly due to the obscene amount of pictures I need to organise) however the bulk of my time was spent in the magical country of Vietnam. 

For months in the lead up to our trip, Scott and I would participate in excited chit chat about sampling the local cuisine and arranging Vietnamese cooking classes to perfect our culinary skills. Or in my case, learn how to make a spring roll without endangering the lives of an entire apartment block. Oh how we were excited! That is, until we - specifically I, came to eat said East Asian cuisine. Now, I'm quite partial to a spot of amateur dramatics; however I tell no lies when I say that eating Vietnamese food, (specifically fish sauce) caused my entire surface of skin to go into some kind of breakdown. I'm talking a rash all over me that would give my freckles a serious run for their money. Although a little freckle-like rash would have been considerably more palatable than the fiery, red rash of doom that engulfed my body like a flame grilled chicken. 'Cause yea, that's super hot. 

You can clearly see the levels of distress that I experienced in this picture. 

So whilst Scott dined on delicious Pho soup and various other drool-worthy dishes, I was confined to the 'Western' menu like a disgruntled child having had their favourite toy snatched away from them. On the bright side though, at least I'm not allergic to cocoa beans because that, my friends, would truly render life not worth living!


  1. Oh no what a nightmare being allergic to Vietnamese food when you are travelling the country and had looked forward to it so much. I agree that's got to be Sod's Law for you x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Definitely... I'll have to stick with Thai food, I'm not allergic to that! Haha.. xxx


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