Sunday, 18 January 2015

Things that are funny that shouldn't be

Can somebody go grab me a slab of chocolate for coming up with the most creative blog post title ever? No? Ok then. 

I'm going to spare you the chit chat and jump right into this one...

Things that are funny that shouldn't be... (Don't judge me too harshly!)

- Watching people trip up and do the little, 'I didn't trip up' dance.

- Seeing your guinea pig get one of its toys stuck on its head.

- Hearing someone snart, A.K.A the sneeze-fart.

- Someone else's child having a tantrum.

- Laughing ladies on a Tena Lady advert.

- Seeing someone getting chased by an ostrich.

- Paternity tests on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

- Llamas - my point

- Public rows, (especially on Facebook)

- The fact that 'pussi' means bag in Finnish and it's on pretty much errrything in the supermarket.

- This:

- Internet trolls that rite lyk dis innit... P.S. yo blog iz shit man!

- Watching somebody do an almighty belly flop at the pool and inhale water up their nose.

- Accidentally putting too much soap powder in the washing machine and flooding your shared apartment.

- Watching somebody break things at work. If you drop that tray of glasses, I will chuckle.

- Your boss having a hissy fit.

Are we all still friends here? I'd love to hear what gives you the, 'I shouldn't be giggling but I am' giggles. Leave them in a comment below. I won't judge you (too much)... promise! 


  1. Haha this actually made me laugh!

  2. Internet trolls...haha, YES!

    Love your sense of humor. Although I must say, now that I have a toddler going through his 'terrible twos', there is absolutely positively nothing I find humorous about a tantrum. Guess that's what becoming a parent will do to ya!

    Long may you be able to find the humor in it!


    1. Haha, thank you so much. I worked as a primary school teacher for a few years and I guess learnt to see the funny side of children's tantrums. I totally agree that it must be a nightmare as a parent though and I'll probably be eating my words in years to come! Thank for commenting my dear xxx

  3. Haha sometimes Kirst you're so wrong yet so right!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict


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