Friday, 9 January 2015

Wedding Planning - An Update

I'm getting married this year. Cue feelings of outright elation mixed with feelings of sheer panic. I actually feel a little bit queasy writing this. Every bride to be or bride to been there, done that, will tell you that planning a wedding is a magical experience, and whilst yes, it really really is, it's also gut-wrenchingly nerve-wracking too. Maybe it's something to do with that fact that I'm away from home and planning a wedding from another country, easily not the most simple of tasks let me assure you. Perhaps it's also partially to do with the fact that I'm a pain in the arse perfectionist who has had many, upon many, (private may I add) bridezilla moments over the most minute, most unimportant details. 

Over the last couple of weeks, I've learnt to chill out a little and as each item gets ticked off the to-do list, my crazy lady expression is slowly starting to transform into something more; dare I say it, normal. It feels like things are slowly but surely starting to come together. For the longest part, I didn't have a vision, and I say 'I' because I'm in no doubt that Scott would be more than pleased to just rock up on the day in his kilt and go with the flow. It's safe to say he doesn't give a shit about napkin rings, or even know what they are for that matter. The vision is starting to take shape in my mind, thankfully; and I'm finally starting to get good vibes over what our wedding will be like. Oh, gone are the days where I thought it was just all about picking a colour scheme. 

So where are we right now? With just under 9 months to go, we have...

- Hired a venue and chosen a date
- Chosen bridesmaids and best men, (yes, there will be two)
- Almost finalised a guest list
- Booked a photographer
- Booked a band
- Hired a florist but not settled on designs yet
- Sorted accommodation
- Booked and paid for our mini-moon in Santorini
- Almost organised guest transport
- Chosen a cake style and due to meet with a supplier soon
- Chosen caterers and nearly chosen a menu

Okay, I guess it doesn't seem like a lot and there's currently one, big dress-shaped piece of the puzzle missing, but with two trips back to bonnie Scotland planned in as many months, we're hoping to have ticked off a big chunk of the to-do list before we call it a day on February. There's also a tonne of things that we have strong ideas on, we just haven't got around to actually booking/paying/organising them yet, but the ideas are floating around up there which is a lot better than where we were several months ago. 

So there you have it. Apologies for whittering on with wedding talk, I do try to keep it at a minimum around these parts, but I thought it would be nice, (and good for my sanity) to give you guys a little snapshot of where we are up to. Thanks for listening. 


  1. I thought you have a lot done so far considering you still have almost 9 months to go. Hope it all works out for you amazingly (I'm sure it will) and that you have a beautiful day x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Great to see I'm not the only one planning a wedding from afar! I'm currently doing my planning from Doha, and the whole thing is ever so stressful! You seem to be handling it well though and have got loads done so I wouldn't worry too much.

    I wrote about the things I'd learnt about wedding planning recently: - but I actually think you're further on than I was back then and this won't be a great deal of help. Apart from the Pinterest bit maybe. If you're not on Pinterest already, do it!!!

    Good luck, and have a wonderful day,

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

    1. It's so tricky doing things from afar! I used to live in Doha too and can totally relate to how difficult things can be! I wish you all the best with your planning... Pinterest is an absolute lifesaver, couldn't live without it!! xxx

  3. wow congrats!! best of luck with planning :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin


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