Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It Must Be LUSH, Lush Lush...

As promised in my Valentine's Weekend post, here's a look at the gorgeous Lush goodies I received from Scott for Valentine's Day. He's still cashing in on the serious brownie points earned, and rightly so. I'm definitely a Lush girl at heart. 

The majority of the bits he picked up for me are part of the limited edition Valentine's range, with every piece having a red/pink romantic theme and smelling completely and utterly divine. Here's what I received:

First up we have The Kiss sugar and sea salt lip scrub. I'd been secretly lusting after this sickeningly sweet, sprinkle scrub since the Valentine's range began to pop up on my radar and I am so, so pleased that he chose this for me. I'm surprised as he, in his words, has no idea what this is/is used for. Bless him. The scent reminds me of a fruity, Juicy Tube and it's a challenge in itself to not eat this right off my fingers. It's a nifty little lip exfoliator with the only downside being that it does make a bit of a mess so make sure you use it over the bathroom sink. 

This fine chap is the Cupid's Love soap - a perfect choice for V-day. I love the design and, if my bathroom weren't the equivalent of a cupboard, I'd have this on full display. The scent is a bit of an unusual one. It's slightly fruity with a definite figgy undertone. Ingredient wise it contains rosewood, passion fruit, fresh figs and soya yoghurt to name but a few. I was slightly disappointed with the Reindeer Rock soap I bought in the run up to Christmas as the scent didn't translate well onto the skin so I'm intrigued to see how this one works out. 

Next up is the Prince Charming shower gel. With my Snow Fairy running low, I'm glad I've got this studmuffin ready and waiting to take her place. It has a deliciously sweet, yet tangy scent that lingers on the skin. For a product named 'Prince' Charming, I'm not sure why it's pink but I'm embracing it. I'm guessing it ties in well with the rest of the V-day range. I hate that this is limited edition as I know I will definitely want to repurchase when this runs out. Sad face.

This red and gold shimmery sandwich is the Heart Throb bubble bar. Let me just put it out there, I LOVE bubble bars and they're close to being my favourite products from Lush. Bubbles are my thang. I'm taking this back to the UK (and to a land where baths are the norm) so that I can thoroughly enjoy soaking myself 'neath a mound of sparkly, red, froth. It does smell quite strong, so we'll see how that pans out. I'm also thinking this one's going to leave a shitstorm in my bath tub. 

Finally, we have the absolute holy grail of all things Lush related. Not part of the Valentine's range, but equally as fabulous is the Pearl Massage bar. I usually avoid these as they're so greasy to handle, but boy was I wrong in doing so! This thing is the shit. First off, it looks like white chocolate and pink popping candy which appeals to my inner, 'I stuff my face with all the sweets' nature. The floral scent is flawless. I have never enjoyed rubbing something all over my body as much in my life - Frightening visuals = not great, but the fact that this bar contains cocoa butter and argan oil means that my skin is one extremely happy bunny. I will buy this forever and ever. Love it. 

Have you tried any of the Lush Valentine's range and do you wish that any of the limited edition products were here to stay? 


  1. Lovely post and gorgeous photos! I love the Heart Throb Bubble Bar I just went and stocked up on them!!

    Danielle | Simplicity Rose x

    1. Thank you Danielle. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I forgot to take my Heart Throb bubble bar back home to the UK with me so I don't know when I'll finally get to use it as we don't have a bath in our current apartment!! Nightmare xx

  2. The Lush massage bars are heaven. I love the one with the coffee beans in it. If there were a Lush store here my entire budget would be spent on those. :-)

    Beauty Isles | Spotlight on Marc Jacobs Beauty Spring 2015 Collection

    1. I can't believe I'd always avoided the massage bars... Such a fool! I definitely wish to try out the whole range xxx

  3. I loved this post instantly for the genius title!

    I actually only tried the Prince Charming gel but I wish I'd given more of the Valentine's Day range a go - the Cupid's Love soap and Heart Throb bubble bar are so cute!


    p.s. you've won me round - I'm definitely buying a Pearl Massage bar next time I'm in Lush.

    1. Haha, thank you so much Charlene. I really hope you enjoy the massage bar if you get your hands on it :) xxx


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