Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A new path?

Sometimes my mind like to amuse the hell out of itself by throwing a whole bunch of doubts into the melting pot that is my psyche. More often than not, it is about my identity as a blogger, and occasionally a clusterfuck of emotions about the fact that I'm frighteningly close to 30 and own more shoes than saucepans, but we'll save that one for another day.

When I started this blog, I didn't really know who I was in the blogging world, where I fit in or what I wanted to be... I guess I just wanted to be myself and write about what excited me and got my creative juices a-flowing. Everyone kept talking about this elusive, 'niche' and that I needed to have one, only I was too busy eating cheese in my pjs to nail one down. 

I've always been a lover of stuff. Call me shallow, materialistic or something else fancy if you will, I don't believe it makes me a bad person. I'm charitable and I always have time for others. I cry over the animals in my local pet shop being alone over Christmas, which is both 'endearing' (cough) and slightly concerning at the same time. I have a heart, I promise. I also have a love of 6 inch heels, eye shadow in every conceivable colour and bags in which I can lose my house keys, ID (yep, I still need it) and favourite lipstick, all at the same time. These are the things that make me bubble with excitement and as a result, these are the things that I find the words flow so easily for. 

But is this the blogger that I wanted to be?

I often feel like the sheep in the herd of alpacas. I fit... almost, but I also feel like I have so much else I want to give. The world of the beauty blogger is brimming with perfection and there's a perfectly polished post for every product known to man, and my goodness that is a damn good thing. Beauty blogs are my holy grail and fashion blogs have inspired me to rake through my 'drobes with a more refined eye that would give Trinny and Susannah a run for their money, but is there a place for little, old me in that world that I love? If truth be told, my favourite posts to write aren't about shoes or lipstick, but more those where I can be silly, drop the occasional f-bomb and make people smile, even if just for the briefest of moments. More often than not these posts don't reel in the views though. Well, not for me anyway. Forget the stats, people cry; however I often feel twinges of guilt and a fear of disappointing those that loyally read my little corner of the interwebz. Surely, the posts that generate the most interest are the posts that people want to read, or so the little mass upstairs tells me so? 

I think that in recent weeks, I have become stuck in a bit of a blogging rut. I've been taking the easy writing highway. I need to find my way back to the path that is full of twists and turns and bumpy bits that I will inevitably trip myself over. I need to write more for me. There will still be many more make up, beauty and fashion inspired posts, c'mon guys, you can't paint a zebra black and call it a horse; however you will also see an increased level of waffle around these parts whilst I figure out whatever this niggle is that has me bashing at my computer keys at 1am in my penguin fleece, feeling all philosophical. 

I may not know where the hell I'm going, but we'll sure as hell have fun along the way!


  1. Fantastic post, Kirsty. I think not feeling like we quite fit is a common problem for people who blog - I feel like this all the time and it makes me question if I should keep blogging or not. It's a shame that people feel like this though - I think blogs should be allowed to represent the person typing out the words (even if that person does love wearing lipstick and expensive high heels half of the time and eating chilli in their Primark pyjamas the other half of the time) rather than representing a brand. I think blogs were created to give a more honest insight into people's thoughts, dreams and lives than magazines ever give us, but, as blogging becomes more and more glossy, reading a blog can sometimes now feel like scrolling through the pages of a magazine editorial.


  2. I agree you can easily get stuck doing the same thing and it maybe not what you thought it would be, especially when i see so many bloggers blogging about the same item i find i dont read half the posts because everything is blogging about the same thing. x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  3. Amazing! I am very much looking forward to the increased waffle. Go with the flow I say! While you're in this kind of blogging mood, I'm going to drop you a message about that guest post...

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

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  5. Such a well written post you are able to get your personality through in your writing so well which I think is a great yet hard to master skill for blogging so well done for that. You had the power to make me laugh and snigger with your sarcasm and honesty. Fantastic post and I really enjoyed reading


  6. Since I've started blogging, I've been seeing lots of "how to be a blogger" posts and whatnot. All of them do keep saying one thing: you should be yourself. If you feel like writing silly post with f-bombs in it, you should do it. I'll keep reading :D xx Izzy |


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