Friday, 6 March 2015


Today's post is going to be a waffly one so I apologise in advance. I'm currently lying on my sofa, resembling a sort of fajita, wrapped up in a grey, faux fur blanket. My hair is what some may describe as, 'unkempt' and I'm pretty sure my lipstick has migrated North, subsequently residing somewhere between my Cupid's bow and left nostril. It's hard to imagine that I was out in public a mere three hours ago looking relatively accpetable. I'm also writing this post on my phone in ulitmate lazy girl fashion. The reason behind this wonderous picture I've painted for you? The worst bout of insomnia I've had in a long arse time which has reduced me to a glorified extra of The Walking Dead. It peaked when I hit a sleepless, solid 26 hours straight and went on an internet rampage that resulted in this. Living the dream boys and girls. 

I've started reading two books this week. First up was A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness... P. Ness. Can we just take a minute here...? I actually started and finished this book in one restless evening which led to Scott stating that I was some sort of literary wizard. I'm currently in the early stages of reading Gone Girl which is a little more sophisticated than A Monster Calls and I'm actually really enjoying it so far... No spoilers guys! I know it's a movie but I generally do like to read the books first. Also, I spied that the award winning A Monster Calls book is being made into a movie and will be released next year so if you're like me, I'd get in there and read that one before it's released. 

On to beauty thangs. You may have spotted my most recent make up haul here; from my last visit home. You'll have noticed a few reviews popping up here and there but the product I'm going to mention today is the Rimmel Scandaleyes liner. In a moment of madness, I picked up the silver shade several weeks ago and fell in love with the formula, staying power, smudgeproofness of it... literally errrrything. So much so in fact, that I needed to get my hands on the black as a matter of urgency and I'm so glad that I did. The swatch on the left is a one-swipe job. Serious pigment! As far as liners go, this one is definitely a winner and could easily be mistaken for a pricier product. You can read a full review of the silver Scandaleyes liner here.  In a nutshell, go buy it. 

The weekend sees Scott and I facing yet another slog, passing the time in the sleepy Finnish town in which we live. Last weekend was spent smoking a ham, oo-er and this weekend we'll be partaking in the thrill seekers game of choice - bowling. As I said earlier. Living. the. dream. The weather is at that horrible in-between phase where it's cold but there's barely any snow left for winter sports and way too cold to consider any Summer activities. Everyone has become a hermit over the winter months and I can already feel the travel bug rising up inside me, calling me to sunnier climes. Maybe a big move is on the cards? 

Finally... because I've been listening to way more Disney songs lately than any 27 year old should:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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