Thursday, 30 April 2015

Life Through A Lens #5

Okay so I'm cutting it fine with this month's Life Through A Lens post. If truth be told, I forgot. *slaps wrists* I know, I know, it was only yesterday that I mentioned about expanding my blog series commitments with Kindle Reads, but then I had a couple of glasses of gin and well; gin. 

So without further ado, just in the nick of time, here is April, summed up in photographical form. Do enjoy. 

As always, you can keep up to date with my whereabouts in an acceptable, cyber-stalkerish manner on my Instagram page or via Twitter. Hope everyone has had a fab April! 


  1. I'm going to have jam on toast when I go home now...hehe :-) Glad you had a wonderful April, my dear. Mine was busy but generally good. :-) xo

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Jam on toast is the best thing ever! This year seems to be rolling by - How are we in May? Thanks for the well-wishes. I hope all is good on your end. Much love xxx

  2. Beautiful photos, really nice post!
    Chloe xx


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