Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Prada Bag With Diamonds

So, the other day, Scott and I were chatting. I say chatting, I was mostly pestering him at work and sending him dancing ponies to distract him. Usually I'd say we had a pretty strong relationship. That was until this happened...

*Note - I wanted to include screenshots but I have no idea how to screen grab a hangout chat via my laptop so you're going to have to make do with my copy and paste efforts. 

Scott - just got a call off a recruitment agency for a job in xxx, offering xxx per month *shock face* 

well, up to

Me - wow. what did you say?

Scott - i said send me more info

Me - okidoke

Scott - is that ok?

Me - I wouldn't mind xxx per month

Scott - yeh haha

Scott - you could deffo get a prada bag

Me - a fake one?

Scott - a real one. made of diamonds

This was when I realised that my fiance thinks I'm shallow; although I did then start to wonder what a Prada bag made of diamonds would actually look like. I'm pretty sure it's not logistically possible unless the diamonds are glued to the leather, which doesn't sound particularly safe for the diamonds. Anyone with a history of owning diamante clothing will back me up here. 

and so it continues...

Me - I'll take two


Scott - now you are pushing it

Me - push it real good?

Scott - do do do do do do - do do do do

Me - I had to count them. I think there's too many

Scott - oops sorry

Me - apology accepted

and this is probably why we are marrying each other. 

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