Tuesday, 19 May 2015

An Update

This is just a little, FYI post to let you know that I updated my comment system to Disqus and as a result, lost all of your lovely comments on my blog posts. I was lured in to a false sense of security as there was an option to import contacts, which I found out didn't apply to Blogger after installation. Technology's biggest moron right here. Do people even still use the word moron?

If you have left a comment in the past, especially if I hadn't had chance to reply yet, I apologise massively. I do appreciate each and every one of them and try to reply to everyone that leaves their thoughts and opinions around these parts. I'm hoping that Disqus and I can form a lifelong bond; despite us getting off to a shaky start. (Arsehole) 

I hope you guys like the change. 

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