Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Helsinki and a Haul

So, let's have a catch up shall we? Over the weekend, Scott and I took a little trip down, (or more geographically accurate - across) to Helsinki. Scott picked me up straight from work on the Friday and we made the hour and a half ish journey to the city. 

We dumped our bags in the room and immediately made our way down to the hotel restaurant, Kitzens, to fill up. Scott's tummy was rumbling for food whilst mine was definitely screaming for a cocktail. The low lighting combined with my iPhone didn't make for the best photographs but I thought I'd throw them in anyway because, food

Kitzens Restaurant Helsinki, Kitzens Helsinki, Helsinki restaurants, Kitzens Helsinki review

Kitzens Restaurant Helsinki, Kitzens Helsinki, Helsinki restaurants, Kitzens Helsinki review

Yes my friends, that is food with eyes. As a non-lover of seafood, I made the mistake of ordering scallops for my starter. I was feeling giddy from bubbly and was reckless, I know. I vaguely remember trying scallops way back but I remembered it all differently. Scott was pleased he ended up with two starters though. 

The mains were okay. I ordered the Japanese beef whilst Scott opted for paella. It's worth noting that the menu has changed since the last time we ate at Kitzens, sadly not for the better in both of our opinions. We went the whole hog and ordered dessert too, (Baileys cheesecake) which along with the alcohol, was the highlight of the meal. 

After several more cocktails in the adjacent Bar 7 Blings - which has to be one of the worst names ever! - we skipped across the street to the Casino to indulge in a spot of light-hearted gambling, as you do. Scott had been eyeing up the casino since we moved to Finland last year so I finally caved and under the promise of several large G&Ts, tagged along to watch him lose miserably at Blackjack. In sickness and in health... and all that jazz. 

The following morning was shopping day! Armed with my list and a plan of action, we tackled the busy high street and I came away with the following:

beauty haul, makeup haul, mac, lush haul, bare minerals complexion rescue, inglot haul

I was somehow coerced into buying a 40 pan Inglot palette, yes 40 PAN. I also picked up the majority of what was in my Beauty Wishlist post from last week - bar the MAC Brow Gelcreme which is nigh-on impossible to source in the dark brunette shade and the YSL lip oil (shade 5) which the sales girl told me was sold out in the entire of Europe!! I almost picked up another pinkish shade but decided to hold out for the one I had my heart set on. I feel it may be an online job, along with the MAC. 

LUSH also deserves an honorable mention as they stocked the Limited Edition shower creams which the girl in the shop informed me were 'exclusive' to the Oxford St store. I'm not sure how true that is but it did give me a smug feeling as I'm forever missing out on home beauty stuff so this was a kind of sweet-smelling, in. your. face. 

Saturday consisted of an evening out with friends for dinner, copious amounts of bubbly being swilled and 3am pizza which I'm 90% certain was mine. Living the dream.

Did anyone get up to anything fun at the weekend? 

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