Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I Went Shopping

Yesterday, I went shopping. I'm slowly trying to add to my Summer wardrobe, even though we've only really had one day that I'd class as 'hot' so far in Finland but I live in hope. 

Shopping can be challenging at the best of times in Kotka, (Where I'm living) but surprisingly I managed to pick up some lovely bits and pieces, as well as a few beauty bargains that I'll no doubt be waffling on about in the near future. 

Fancy a gander?

Print top Seppala, toppi Seppala,
Top & Trews - Seppala

So, I have a confession. I've been obsessing over garishly printed trousers lately, and whilst I know this isn't that, I did buy the matching trews too... albeit four sizes too big. I must have been dazzled by all the colour. I went back for an exchange but was too lazy to photograph them so you'll have to take my word that they're quite special. Pairing them together, I look like an escapee from clown camp and it's wonderful. 

Seppala pink top, Seppala toppi
Top - Seppala

Also from the same shop is this contraption. A crop (ish) top come flippy crochet thing. It's just long enough to hide the tum and therefore an acceptable purchase for someone pushing 30. 

Grey casual top - Cubus, Cubus toppi, Cubus grey vest

No shopping trip would be complete without an obligatory, 'essentials' purchase. I'm engaged in a love affair with all things grey and this soft, slouchy tee from Cubus is perfect for throwing on with my skinny jeans.

Again, also from Cubus and much to the distaste of Scott are these:

Cubus mirrored sunglasses, cheap mirrored sunnies

I can't find the sunnies on their website but I've had my eye on a pair of colourful, mirrored sunnies for a few weeks. I'm sure I look positively ridiculous in them, (Scott hates them) but I don't care. Hello shiny, reflective face! 

H&M ring sets, H&M stack rings, H&M gold rings

Finally, we have two ring sets from H&M - neither of which I can find online, standard. I love the pale pink stones and they even manage to look pretty on my Cumberland fingers. Result. 


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