Thursday, 4 June 2015

Seriously Creepy Card Trick

You know I'm clutching at straws when you read the title of this post. Although you clicked on it so really that says more about you than it does me. Or maybe you dropped by expecting to see 'xxx ladies peeking in bathtubs'. It's okay, you're not the first. Either way, I'm happy you came. Shall we make a start?

After exhausting all of the opportunities provided to us in our local area, (walking, buying strawberries, going to the supermarket, walking, eating cheese...) Scott and I hit the web in an attempt to 'spice up' a particularly dreary Sunday afternoon. 

Not in that way, keep it clean guys.

Google is so dependable in times of need. It turns out that typing, 'bored' into the search engine is a good way to kill half an hour, especially as Bored Button features pretty high up the list of results. Whoever came up with this is a genius. I salute you. Bored Button is basically all the weird shit from the internet, crammed into one place, accessible at the click of a big, red button. Who doesn't love to push a button, right?

The first page it sent me to was this, and it seriously blew my mind! (The description didn't disappoint.)

Here's an image for artistic purposes. To get the real deal, you'll need to clickety-click the link above. 

A LOT of time was wasted on this website. I even took to whispering my chosen card so quietly for fear that the creators had somehow devised a method of hacking into my laptop speakers and eavesdropping. Damn you hackers!

Then, two of my brain cells must have fused together because after three days of solid thinking about this card trick, it finally dawned on me how they did it. I shan't spoil it for you but seriously, it took me three days. Nice one; brain! 

So... now that my work with Crazy Card Trick is done. I've moved on to this:

Note the comment below requesting that people keep the snowflakes clean? 10 points to Gryffindor if you can come up with something saucy... Go, go, go! 

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