Friday, 10 July 2015

A Day In The Life

10:00am - Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy. Time an important phone call perfectly with a circling helicopter. 

10:30am - FEED ME! *rummages in cupboards* Jammy toast it is. 

10:35am - Makes cup of tea.

10:36am - Forgets about cup of tea.

10:50am - Heats cup of tea up in the microwave - classy!

11:15am - Contemplates getting dressed for 10 seconds and then opens up laptop to commence, Important Blogger Shit!

12:30pm - It's time to get dressed and enter the real world. First stop, dropping off all of my clothes at the charity shop. The woman doesn't speak any English so I just dump my clothes and leave. I may have just accidentally fly tipped.

1:00pm - Return home after the shortest, unsuccessful shopping trip. Attempt #1 to refill my wardrobe is a fail.

1:30pm - WHY HAVE I NOT EATEN LUNCH YET? Considers making something, 'proper' but settles on five pieces of wafer-thin ham, straight out of the packet. Ceeebs. 

1:45pm - RIGHT, focus! I need to get these blog posts written, but maybe just a small peek on ASOS first, ya know, to get me in, the mood

2:45pm - So, that was an hour wasted. Time to do some ACTUAL stuff. 

2:46pm - But first, more food!

3:00pm - Okay, I'm fed and focused. Time to be productive!

3:07pm - A note has just been posted through the door. It's in Finnish. *eye roll* Time to crack out Google Translate.


3:17pm - Photograph the entire thing and send it over to Scott to find someone at work to translate.

4:45pm - Against all odds, I've scheduled a blog post - hooray me! 

5:15pm - Right, I need to sort something out for dinner. MUST BE HEALTHY.

5:16pm - Ooo, look, a chocolate bar!

5:17pm - Fuck it, I'm having a Galaxy Caramel for my dinner. I'm a grown up, I can do what I want!

5:50pm - Scott's home, Yay! The translated note was for a parcel. Shove him out the door to go and pick it up before the office closes at 6pm. 

6:10pm - Explain to Scott that he has to have chocolate for dinner. He suggests bagels. Yep, I'll have one of those. *Casually sneak the empty chocolate wrapper into the bin*

6:30pm - THAT'S IT, I'm going to do an apartment exercise!

6:31pm - But first I need to make soup with this forest of broccoli I decided to buy yesterday. Maybe I should have done this earlier and had this instead of chocolate and a bagel?

7:20pm - The world's largest pot of broccoli and Parmesan soup is now boxed up into individual servings and is ready to take with us on our campervan adventure tomorrow...

7:21pm -  ...which I still haven't packed for.

7:30pm - How many pairs of shoes is an acceptable number for a three day road trip? Three? Ok, cool. 

7:31pm - Packing a bikini, yano.. just in case.

8:00pm - Still packing...

8:25pm - Ralph is going ape shit with all of these rustling carrier bags. Maybe I'll just give them some cucumber... and a bit of leftover broccoli... and some of this romaine lettuce... 

8:45pm - YAY! Play time with the guinea pigs. Packing can wait.

9:30pm - URGHHHH, how do I still have so much to do. Drag Scott away from working and force him to help me pack.

10:17pm - Woah, how is it this time already? Okay, I'm going to type up our itinerary and then I'm OFF TO BED!

10:19pm - but first imma post this pic on Instagram!

10:23pm - How did I end up on Pinterest?

10:30pm - All. The. Wedding. Hair. Inspiration. 

10:35pm - Gets sidetracked by ridiculously huge wedding hairpieces. #LOLZ

10:50pm -  Okay, I NEED to type up this itinerary and then I'm definitely off to bed. 

11:30pm - This is so boring...

11:45pm - RIGHT. I'm done. Laptop is officially going away and I'm hitting the hay.

11:50pm - Just a quick scroll through Twitter...

11:56pm - Wait, wasn't I supposed to exercise tonight?

11:57pm - Fuck it, I'll do it tomorrow.

11:59pm - Officially singing out! Goodnight world!

1:00am - Why am I still awake... and on Pinterest? I hate myself!

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