Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Shit My Fiance Says #2

Jumping on the success of my previous Shit My Fiance Says post, I'm back again with another totes hilarious roundup of the weird and wonderful, innermost workings of the male mind... 


Because men are funny!

Shit My Fiance Says
When your fiance's love for blue clothing goes too far...

Shit My Fiance Says

So this is what happens when I'm not around to make dinner!

Shit My Fiance Says

If only there was a better name for people you hire to take photographs?

Shit My Fiance Says

He doesn't care for my nightly skincare routine, obvs!

Shit My Fiance Says

New backpack wanker...

Shit My Fiance Says

I'll take that as a compliment.

The best of the rest

"I wonder what penguin breast would taste like?" - Seriously, what is wrong with beef and chicken?

"Come here goat head" 

"This pineapple isn't very good... It tastes like banana!" - Ermm, say what?

*After I'd applied hand lotion - "Your hand smells like curry"

Finally, this one needs a backstory. There's a hill behind our apartment block, atop which sits and old war canon. You can see it in this post here. Whilst I was moaning about us staying in on a Saturday evening, Scott pipes up with... "It could be worse, you could be at the canon!" #LOLZ

Have your other halves said anything particularly 'out there' lately or have you overheard anyone saying something totally daft? 

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