Wednesday, 8 July 2015

So I'm Going To Let You In On A Bit Of A Secret

I have a genuine thing about toilets. As in, I can't actually go anywhere that I'm not 100% convinced has fully-functioning toilet facilities. Yep, officially a weirdo!

I don't really remember when it became an issue, although I'm certain being stuck in the slums of Sri Lanka, standing over a hut-covered hole in the ground, naked, with scale 10 food poisoning has something to do with it. Not my finest hour... Since then, I've had a, 'fear' of long road trips, treks in the wilderness and generally going anywhere that isn't within a set, 'safety zone!' 

The lack of sense that it makes isn't lost on me. I know it borders on being positively ridiculous, especially when I have to mentally prepare myself days in advance for trips into the unknown. Worst part is, I love to travel. I love to explore new places and without getting too carried away, I'm starting to appreciate nature walks a little more. I'm totally fine once I'm there, but sometimes getting there is half the battle. You know, when I'm making up a fuck load of unrealistic scenarios of me shitting my pants in my head. I told you... not normal over here. 

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, you see, I'm going on an adventure. One that is going to see Scott and I travelling just shy of 2050km around Finland over the space of three and a bit days. But we won't be in a car, hell to the no, we're hiring a campervan, complete with its own plush double bed, a radio - oo-er - and wait for it... A Flushable Toilet! Capitalised to show how freaking excited I am by this fact. 

My life is made!

Yes, we may get severe cramp from extended periods of sitting, we may call off our wedding due to direction-based arguments, and there's the strongest of possibilities that I'll consume my body weight in gin... but honestly, I don't even care because this trip is going to be UHHMAZING!

First phase of convincing Scott to buy me a campervan/mobile toilet vehicle is well under way!
P.S. We leave on Thursday and whilst I'd like to claim that I have my shit together, I don't so things may be a little quiet around these parts after then. But be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram where I'll no doubt be posting pictures of weird Finnish things and tweeting how much I hate Scott's driving. Adios amigos! 


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