Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Fab Contour Kit That's Cheap As Chips

Remember when strobing was set to become the new contouring? Being the anti-conformist that I am, I obviously ran out and had to buy myself a contour kit. Okay, not quite but when I spotted a limited offer on Seventeen products at my local Boots store, I panic grabbed this and one of their bronzing shimmer bricks. I muttered some excuses about double points to Scott and stuffed them in my handbag with a smug expression on my face. 

It turns out, I got a pretty damn good deal!

Seventeen Contour Kit Review and Swatches

The Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit is a matte powder set, consisting of a highlight and a bronzer. It comes in two shades; Fair and Medium. I opted for medium and find that it's a really good match for my current, tanned skin tone. 

When you open up the kit, there's a little, how-to card, packed with details on how to achieve a sculpted, contour look; plus a decent mirror too. I was also really pleased with the pan size in these palettes. I cannot be dealing with fiddly, little powders. I like to get stuck right in with a brush and these delivered on that front. 

Seventeen Contour Kit Review and Swatches

*Note - Please excuse my bump-riddled arm. I appear to have contracted some sort of tropical disease whilst on holiday. 

Both powders are smooth and blendable. The highlight is a creamy beige and would work really well on warmer skin tones. Typically, I tend to only use powders like this to set my under-eye concealer and t-zone. Whilst the colour is fine, I found that it wasn't the greatest at preventing my concealer from creasing so I haven't really used it much in since. 

Now, the bronzer. That's a whole different story! I seriously cannot get enough. It can be so difficult to find a good, matte bronzer to contour with, with many being too reddish/orange in tone or being a clusterfuck of sparkle and glitter. This kit has nailed the shade for me. It works really well to give a natural finish and it's the only bronzer/contour I've been reaching for since I picked this set up a few weeks ago. 

Despite my reservations about the highlight, I really do think that this kit is fantastic value for money and such a bargain addition to the contour kit market. Even though the highlight didn't work for my needs, I would definitely recommend this to someone looking to dip their toes in the contouring pond. It's a simple, fail-safe palette that you can pop in your bag for on the go touch ups. 

Worth every penny! 

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