Saturday, 26 September 2015

Question Time

Today's post is going to be two things, unpredictable and proof that the internet is a magical place. I'm not even going to sit here and make excuses for how I came to Google, 'Random Question Generator' but I did and I ended up on this ol' site here

*I'd like to make it known that I do actually partake in, 'adult' activities now and again, (Drag your mind out of the gutter please) but today isn't really testament to that so... I'll maybe Instagram a bagel laterz. 

I have the tab open right now and I'm going to answer the first 15 questions that appear, no skipping! I have no idea how this is going to progress so I'll likely be just as confused as you by the time we're through. 

Are we buckled up kids? Here goes...

Would you rather have to sit all day or stand all day?

Urgh, sit... hands down! Could you actually imagine having to stand in, what I presume, is one spot all day?! No way. At least if you're sitting you can wrap up in a blanket and watch Netflix!

What's in your fridge?

Eggs, feta cheese, a lime, milk, strawberry jam, veggies and chilli sauce. I need to go shopping - obviously! 

Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?

Could I just not play? Team sports are not my jam... Well, sport is technically not my jam but if I had to participate, I think I'd rather be the best player on a horrible team, at least that way someone might notice my talents and whisk me away to a better club!

What is your favorite day of the year?

Argh, this is so tricky! I definitely don't have a favourite day of the year. I love Christmas as a time of year - I'll go with Christmas!

What was your first job?

Ha - okay, my first ever job was a paper round when I was around 14 but I never turned up on my first day as I went swimming with my friends instead, (I know) so I don't know if that really counts as my first job. The first job I ever attended was working in Iceland, the food shop, whilst I was at college. Rock and roll!

What do you usually eat in the morning?

A cup of tea is a must and I usually have either strawberry jam on toast, Coco Pops or I'm currently obsessed with Belvita's Crunchy breakfast bars. This is probably why I don't post pictures of my brekkie very often!

What is your favorite food?

Cheese... I honestly couldn't live without a slab of mature cheddar. 

What is your first memory?

This is so weird because I was speaking about this with my mum when I was home. I remember visiting a family member's house when it was just being built. I was so young, maybe four or five. I remember the ground being really muddy and my uncle stood in dog poo. Totally random!

What is the last dream that you remember?

Haha, don't judge me but lately I have been so into watching X Files on Netflix. There was this episode about a guy who could squeeze through tiny gaps and holes and I had a dream that he was coming up out of my toilet to attack me. I should probably watch less T.V. 

What do you wear to sleep?

I typically start off wearing a baggy, oversized t-shirt and then end up throwing it off in the night because I get too warm.

What are some things that you should not say during a job interview?

and that was the first time I killed a man...

What is one of your favorite words or phrases?

I overuse the word, 'raging' so much. Perhaps I'm just an angry person? Also, 'as full as an egg' is my go to phrase whenever I've eaten too much. Love it!

If you could try out any job for one week, what job would you choose to try?

I'd really love to be an estate agent for crazy expensive properties so I could see inside lots of amazing pads whilst trying not to die a little inside. 

What is your favorite season?

Summer, without a doubt!

What is the worst movie that you've seen?

Oh god, years ago I watched this awful shark movie. We're talking back in the day when you watched films on video! It was one of these budget horror films and it was so terrible that I don't even remember the name of it. 

And that's a wrap... If you made it this far, you deserve a chocolate biscuit. 

Now it's your turn. Head on over to the website I used, (here) and answer the first 15 questions that you are given, either in a blog post or in the comments down below. Make sure you tweet me your posts @LifeinExcess_ or leave me a link below. I can't wait to see what weird and wonderful questions you get given!

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