Thursday, 12 November 2015

Instagram Accounts To Follow

If I had to choose, I think Instagram would be by favourite social media platform. 

Whilst I love Twitter for the interaction, Snapchat appeals to the inner curtain-twitcher in me and Pinterest, well Pinterest equally inspires me and makes me feel like I posses inferior DIY skills. Which I do, but whatever. 

No, my heart definitely lies with Instagram. 

Recently, I've been trying to dedicate an hour or so, every evening to scrolling my feed and exploring the popular page. In doing so, I've discovered some incredibly beautiful accounts and felt it was only right that I shared the fruits of my labours with you guys. 

These accounts have only just made their way onto my, 'Follow' list but I'm already in love. I hope you find some new inspiration!


Emma Hill Instagram Account
Emma Hill

Alksne Instagram Account

From Luxe With Love Instagram Account
From Luxe With Love

Lorna Luxe Instagram Account
Lorna Luxe

Juliahengel Instagram Account

As always, you can find me over on Instagram at Effortlessly_Excessive. Let me know which Instagram accounts are your faves! 

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