Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Boots

I found the perfect boots.

Perfect, because technically they're a, 'bootie' which is just about acceptable considering it's 35 degrees (Celsius) outside, but also perfect because I'd been looking for this exact style ever since I discovered The Un-Fancy blog and realised that tan booties were all that was missing in my life.  

Although, I'm not sure how I feel about the word, 'booties' 

So here they are, in all their tanned glory...

I snapped them up from the Aldo Clearance section in store and from what I can see, they appear to have disappeared from the website, although you can find similar here

FYI - Aldo tells me these are a, 'shootie' When did I become so out of sync with shoe terminology? 

If there's one thing I need in life, it's a heel. These give me just enough height so that I can pretend I'm not a short arse, but are still a comfortable wear. 

The velcro fastening also excites five year-old me. 

I love these boots, booties, shooties, whatever the cool kids are calling them these days. They look great with everything and are the perfect transitional footwear item now that, 'Winter' is officially on its way. 

Have you bought any great shoes lately? What do you think of the shootie? 

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