Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Inglot Neutral Smokey Eye Starter Palette

I'll let you in on a little secret...

I have a thing for eye shadow. 

Okay, not even remotely secret but I view eye shadow like pre-teen me viewed Pokemon. It doesn't matter that a solid, 90 percent of my collection consists of warm-toned browns, my heart skips a beat when I spy another shade to add to the growing mass. 

Inglot Neutral Smokey Eye Palette Swatches and Review

Pretty much anyone who has have ever read this blog will know that I'm a fan of Inglot's Freedom System eye shadows. If you're a newcomer or simply feeling nostalgic, you can read about my collection here

When I started out building my Inglot palette, I didn't know what to expect or in fact, which shades to go for to create a workable eye palette. I plumped for a coppery brown, an olive green and a muted cranberry shimmer. It didn't take me long to realise that I needed to start with the basics if I was to walk out of this partnership looking a lot less like Coco the clown. 

So today, I thought I'd throw together a Neutral Smokey Eye Starter collection of shadows. The one's I reach for on almost a daily basis, which can be used to create a simple eye look, right through to an uber glam, smoked out masterpiece.

Inglot Neutral Smokey Palette Review and Swatches

From left to right:

Shade 30 & Shade 395 - I included a choice of two highlight shades. Shade 30 has a golden sheen to it and has slightly larger, 'glitter' particles; although glitter is probably an overstatement. My preference is Shade 395, a much smoother and more colour-neutral shadow. I find that 395 also makes for a stunning, inner corner highlight.

Shade 313 - I use this every single time I create an eye make up look. I typically apply Urban Decay concealer on my lids and then go right in with this shadow to provide a base on which to work. 

Shade 337 - Although it appears much lighter in the pan, this matte brown makes for a great transitional shade and can be smoked out with one of the highlight shadows on lazy days. 

Shade 402 - Every basic, neutral palette needs a shimmery, mid-toned brown. Beautiful on its own, in the crease, a great, easy shade to have to hand. 

Shade 327 - If you want to create something more intense, this rich, chocolately brown is perfect blended in the outer corners of the eyelid and outer corner of the lower lash line. 

Shade 391 - Last but not least, everyone needs a decent, matte black shadow! Enough said. 

For anyone that is considering creating their own Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow Palette, I hope this gives you a good place to start. These may not all necessarily be my favourite Inglot shadows, but they are some of those that I reach for most often.

Have you ever created your own eye shadow palette, whether it be Inglot or other brands like MAC? Do you prefer customisable palettes over standard eye shadow sets? Let me know your thoughts. 

P.S. I also have a shipment of Makeup Geek eye shadows currently on its way to me and I'm dying to see how they compare to Inglot, which I know I'm going to have duplicate shades of. Let me know if you'd like to see a post with comparison swatches and/or my thoughts on which brand I prefer. 


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