Monday, 7 December 2015

Cheap Fizz

Do you want to know what my biggest regret of 2015 has been?

Fake snow. Fake snow on my Christmas tree. Which means fake snow on my floor, behind my television, on my sofa and in my bra. 

That shit gets everywhere!

I decided to stage a photo shoot with my tree, pre snow-shed, in the hope that I can post a pretentious, look at my marvellous creation, style blog post when I'm running thin on ideas. It's okay, I did the same thing last year. If you're really desperate you can check it out here, but if truth be told, our 2014 tree wasn't much of a looker; although I do admit it has a certain amount of charm, in a weird, spindly kind of way. 

We did, however, have much better snow last year, which is really about as interesting as watching Richard Madeley comb his hair so shall we move on?

I'm just going to put it out there... I'm a cheap date.

After three years of poisoning my blood stream with Blossom Hill at university, I lost all love for wine. I could just about stomach a merlot and lemonade but I'm led to believe you shouldn't admit these things out loud, let alone anywhere people could hear. 

Champagne doesn't really float my boat. It's okay, I guess... Prosecco is drinkable and I'll occasionally order a glass at the bar in some last ditch attempt to appear civilised.

No, when it comes to bubbles, I'm all about the cheap fizz. Hand me a glass of Asti and you'll be on my drinking partner list for life. 

I decided to step it up a notch over the weekend by incorporating a splash of orange juice, (inspired by airport lounge Mimosas) and my signature beverage was born. We just need to come up with a name for it now. (If Asti and orange juice is already a thing, just humour me here!) 

I'll start the ball rolling with a few suggestions:

- The Kirsti - as in a play on Asti. I have a feeling my iPhone would be down with this

- A Dentist's Chair - because that's where you'll probably end up after drinking several of these sugar-laden beverages... or

- The Orafizz. because I've still not grown out of that immature phase yet.

The winning suggestion will receive a crate of Asti and orange juice to enjoy at their own risk, or a picture of such, or just a hefty amount of admiration and appreciation... 

Disclaimer: I will not post you booze. If there is booze to be had, I will be drinking it. 

Are we cool?

Finally, I read a book the other week. 

I have read other books, this isn't me confessing my lost virginity or anything here, no, but I haven't read much for quite a while and so I was pleased to get stuck into a real paper and ink book again. 

It's called The Secret History by Donna Tartt and has a really sensible boring cover. Don't let that deter you though as it's actually a really well-written, compelling piece of fiction. Abundance of literary and historical references aside, the plot has just the right amount of twists and turns as a group of friends try to deal with the murder of one of their close friends. 

It's no beach-read, but if you're in the market for a dark, psychological thriller, then this might be one to try. 

And that concludes today's dose of meaningless waffle. Don't ever say I don't spoil you here! 

Because I don't like to leave a post pictureless and because I don't have anything remotely related to share with you, I thought I'd leave you with this:

Girl Facts Meme

Seriously, who makes this shit up?


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