Friday, 18 December 2015

Exercising And Gaining Weight

For anyone that loosely follows my Snapchat ramblings, you may be aware that I've been working out with a personal trainer for the last month. 

As soon as a move back to the Middle East was on the cards, I knew I wanted to throw myself into a proper workout routine, and for someone who seriously lacks motivation when it comes to exercise, hiring a personal trainer was the right move for me.

Exercising and gaining weight

The first session was mind-blowing and although I've always considered myself to be fairly fit, I was in shock at how hard a real, intense, full-body workout could be. My trainer said that I did a great job, I mean, he probably daren't say otherwise as I'm sprawled out on my back, panting for those last, precious breaths. 

So, imagine my disappointment to find out that I'd started to pile on the pounds - and not only that, but my clothes began to feel much tighter on my body too. 

I cried.

Granted, my diet really needs work and although I have been eating out slightly more regularly and scoffing quite a bit of chocolate, I still believe I maintain a fairly good balance. On the whole, my diet was and is, pretty much as it has always been.

So what's going on?

Currently, I'm eight sessions into my fitness schedule, six pounds heavier than when I started, with my clothes feeling extra snug. I'll be honest, I was close to giving up. Convinced that exercise just, 'didn't work for me!' 

Yes, the ridiculousness of that statement isn't lost on me!

After our second set of measurements were taken, I was shocked to learn that I'd lost FOUR cm off my stomach, but gained four cm on my thighs and two cm on the bootay. Whilst I'm happy to have a little extra junk in the trunk, I was absolutely gutted to gain on my thighs.

I knew I needed to speak up and so I messaged my trainer, explaining my concerns and suggesting I slow down on all the leg exercises we'd been doing. 

He was brilliant and right away explained that, whilst I had gained muscle in my thighs, I hadn't fully burned away the fat that was there to begin with, so initially things were going to get a little bigger. He assured me that as we worked on burning away the fat, I would lose cm, drop pounds and end up with much slimmer, more toned pins. 

So, whilst my current situation isn't the most ideal, I'm more determined than ever to continue putting my all into our sessions and maybe by the time swimsuit season picks up again, I'll have an Instagram-worthy butt to munch my Triangl bikini into...

Okay, maybe not, but the moral of today's story is that, whilst I'm assured weight and cm gain is common during exercise, it is worth powering through and not putting yourself down if you don't see the results that you desire right away. 

Trust the process. That's definitely my current mantra. 

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