Thursday, 7 January 2016

Looking Back On 2015

I'm still pinching myself that we've seen out another year and that the holiday festivities are well and truly over!

I try not to buy into the whole, 'New Year, New Me' mantra. 

Although I have armed myself with several diaries and journals this year in a futile attempt to be more organised, but that aside, I drift from one year to the next, never keeping my resolutions and still trying to convince myself that I'm not really a proper adult. 

I'm trying my best to convince Scott that we need to expand our family this year and increase our numbers by one more. One that takes the form of a very small, fluffy-coated bundle of puppy. You could say it's become somewhat of a mission of mine. Watch this space!

2015 has been a big year for Scott and I. 

Snowy Cabin Finland, Padasjoki Finland

We rung in the new year in a then, very snowy Finland. It was creeping up to us having spent a full twelve months living in the small city of Kotka, in the South of the country. I celebrated Turning 27 in one of my favourite places - knee deep in snow and minus temps!

It was to be our last Winter in Finland

Winter in Finland

As the year progressed, Scott and I became increasingly tied up with wedding planning. I decided to up my blogging game by investing in a new camera and forced my guinea pigs to be... well, my guinea pigs whilst I fumbled my way through learning how to become an, 'amateur photographer!

Cute Guinea Pig

We spent Easter in our happy place, by the lake Paijanne in Padasjoki - Finland. Unbeknownst to us, it was to be the last time we sat around the fire pit and drank Lonkero whilst watching the sun go down.

Padasjoki Finland
It was in May that the Shit My Fiance, (and then to be Shit My Husband Says) posts were first born. Since then, they've been one of my favourites to write and I know that they're often looked forward to by you guys. 

Shit My Fiance Says, Funny Texts

I also continued to morph into the ultimate bridezilla by writing my 10 Things No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding, post. 

Travel, Finland Oulanka National Park

In July, Scott and I decided that we'd pack ourselves into a camper van and spend four days road-tripping around Finland. We covered over 2000km and only came close to strangling each other once or twice. 

We hit the roads, all the way up to the edge of Lapland where we drove alongside reindeer and watched as the Finnish Midnight Sun meant the nights became days and the sun never really set much beyond the horizon. 

We knew our time in Finland was coming to an end and as old doors closed, new ones were beginning to open.

At the end of July, I traveled back home to the UK for the remainder of the Summer. I was a bridesmaid for my best friend on her wedding day and couldn't have been more happy to see her marry the love of her life. 

Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

On the 5th of September, Scott and I married in a little village in Scotland. The culmination of all our efforts were finally realised on our big day and we couldn't have been any happier spending it with all of our loved ones. 

Wedding DIY Photo Booth

After our wedding, we jetted off for a short honeymoon in Santorini. It was just what we needed after all of the long days wedding planning and rest for the stressful days that were about to come. 

Santorini Greece

Back in our apartment in Finland, we had a few weeks to pack our entire lives up into boxes as we were about to embark on our next adventure - A move to Abu Dhabi

As the start of October crept upon us, we jetted off to the Middle East, stopping first in Dubai where I finally got to meet some beautiful blogging ladies. Stacey from Expat Make Up Addict has become a true friend and I was so pleased I finally got to meet her this year. I'm hoping that we can see more of each other in 2016 as she really is a gem. 

Apartment Abu Dhabi

After weeks of living out of our suitcases in various hotels, Scott and I finally moved into our apartment in Abu Dhabi. We're still very much in the process of furnishing it and making it feel like home but we were so happy to have found a place that we both loved.

In November I also waved goodbye to Effortlessly Excessive and re-branded my blog as Life in Excess. It came after months of consideration and I'm really glad that I eventually bit the bullet. 

With the erecting - (oo-er) of our Christmas tree, we braced ourselves for the holiday season. It was here before we'd even had time to catch our breath and I was looking forward to being able to spend time with my family. 

We spent five days in the UK with my parents and then Scott's family flew out to join us in Abu Dhabi for New Years. We had such a great time together, although sadly, it was over far too quickly!

Despite there being some big changes and lots of stressful moments in 2015, it was a great year! Both Scott and I made some incredible memories together and with the people we met along the way at home, in Finland and most recently, out in the Middle East. 

I'm excited to see what 2016 has to offer - Here's to hoping it's a good one!

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